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What Cognitive Functions Do You Use In Flow?

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Contrary to popular belief, introverted intuition is not the only important function in an INTJ in flow. While I was trying my best for years to design a personality test that would fit within the traditional beliefs, no personality test was ever able to confirm John Beebe's proposed cognitive function hierachy.

What we all cling to, the base theory that an INFJ is governed by only four conscious functions, appears to be a false or clumsy theory that can't be measured and can't be proven. Based on the statistical reports that came in over at Neojungian Typology, I began to deduce that the INTJ reported extremely, surprisingly high introverted thinking. And their extroverted thinking was not as high as theorised. But why not?

What functions are strong in flow?

I began designing personality tests a few years back based on how a personality type would report in flow. Every personality type had a set of interests and values that they would report positively on, and a set of stressors that they would react more negative towards.

When you start to study your own personality type from the perspective of flow, the old cognitive function hierarchy begins to fall apart. My questions are: what do you genuinely enjoy, and what do you find genuinely easy to do?

The general tendency I found was this:

  • Introverts will generally answer more positive to all introverted functions.
  • Extroverts will generally answer negatively to all introverted functions
  • iNtuitives will always report more positive to all intuitive statements
  • Sensors of all kinds will always perceive iNtuition to be tiring to use
  • Feeling types will always report better to statements that use feeling functions
  • Both introverted and extroverted thinking types will report negatively to statements that measure feeling, in any form

This means an INTP will report very highly to both introverted thinking and introverted intuition, with extroverted thinking and intuition and introverted sensing and feeling ending up somewhere on the middle of the scale, and extroverted sensing and feeling appearing in the far end. 

What Cognitive Functions Do You Use In Flow?

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