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Warrior, Lover, King/Queen & Magician, Meet Jung’s Archetypes Of The Self

Are you a Warrior, Lover, King/Queen or Magician?

Carl Jung believed that the Ego or the Self was held together by four key archetypes, the Warrior, Lover, King/Queen and Magician archetypes. By understanding his revolutionary theory, you might grow to understand why you are torn between such contrasting, and different forces. And why it is so difficult to make decisions. But what are the archetypes?

According to Jung, archetypes were universal images, that existed across cultures, and had existed throughout our shared collective human history. Due to the fact that these characters or images were so powerful and so commonplace, they became a normal part of our myths, and storytelling, and became ingrained in our very DNA. But even if you don’t believe that’s true, you can see the potential of using archetypes to communicate complicated psychological concepts. When we use symbols and famous characters and images, that exist across cultures, we can immediately, and quickly, understand common themes in human thinking. 

Most central to Jung’s work was his theory on Individuation. With it, Jung argued that we all shared a common goal, to come into our own. Jung was unique among psychologist for his heavily individualized philosophy. Instead of generalizing about people and trying to illustrate one way to live a happy and healthy life, Jung saw that there could be many different ways to live, and that we all have different paths to walk. This meant that his work was less judgemental, and more humanistic, like the theories of Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers. He used his theories to bring us all to a common, and shared understanding, of our own individual differences. He invited us to have conversations about our own unique wants and needs.

Because of his focus on the study of the Self and the ego, and the process of Individuation, Jung focused a lot of time on four key archetypes. The Warrior, The Lover, The King/Queen and The Magician. He believed these were of central importance to understand the self. But what do these images represent?

In my own interpretation, I have come to understand these four images as representative of four core needs that exist in each and every individual. The Lover represents our own desire for belonging and connection. The King or Queen represents our need for safety and security and order. The Warrior represents our need to feel useful and capable, and finally, the Magician represents our own desire for self-transformation and growth. 

Four Quotes From Jung on The Archetypes

Jung: ”The warrior is not only the fighter, but also the strategist and tactician, the diplomat and the negotiator. He is the one who is willing to face the dangers of the unknown and to fight for what he believes in.”

”The lover is the archetype of emotional depth and intimacy. He is the one who is able to connect with others on a deep level and to experience the full range of human emotions, from joy and happiness to sorrow and pain.”

”The magician is the archetype of transformation and change. He is the one who is able to see beyond the surface of things and to understand the deeper meaning and purpose behind them. He is the one who is able to use his knowledge and understanding to transform himself and the world around him.”

”The king is the archetype of leadership and responsibility. He is the one who is able to create a vision for the future and to inspire others to follow him. He is the one who is willing to take on the burden of leadership and to make difficult decisions in the service of the self or the people.”

”The warrior, lover, magician and king archetypes are all essential components of a healthy psyche. They represent different aspects of our personality and can help us to navigate the challenges of life with strength, courage and wisdom.” 

Who is in charge, the warrior lover magician or the king or queen?

When the King or Queen is in charge in your psyche, you tend to show the characteristics of someone highly industrious, hard-working, serious, and dependable. Such a person is prepared to do what is necessary and to show self control and judgement, pushing themselves to do what is necessary to survive and protect the self from dangers and risk. When this archetype is in charge, we can be perfectionistic and critical, but we may also show higher overall decisiveness and forcefulness. We can at worst become authoritarians, both of ourselves and others. When healthy, the king or queen provides solid judgement and feedback, without holding other parts of the self back from self expression, and simply guiding them in a positive direction.

When the Lover is in charge, we become concerned with the prospect of belonging, and experiencing connection. Such a person may be described as responsible, like the king or queen, but more modest and easygoing, choosing to go with their impulses and instincts, and protecting and showing empathy to the needs and feelings of those they care about most. When this archetype is in charge, we put our relationships above all else, and care more about our connections and social safety and fitting in. More positively, such a person can be highly empathetic and compassionate. 

When the Magician is in charge, we become concerned with bringing our own creative impulses to life. Such a person is constantly preoccupied with the future, what can be, what is possible, but lacks a solid connection to the past, and the judgement of the king or queen archetype. Such a person then, can be impulsive, and prone to risk taking, and can show a careless lack of responsibility. On the other hand, such a type is also known for incredible creativity and for the thrill and excitement of experiencing something new or facing the unknown.

Finally, when the Warrior is in charge, our focus tends to be on the self and our own needs and our own values. We will put ourselves forward assertively and confidently, doing what we find best, without a concern for other people and others feelings. This is the archetype of the individualist, who seeks to walk their own path in life, but lacks the modesty to question themselves and to show empathy for other people. More positively, this part represents the side of you that wants to realize the self. It also represents being present and being in the moment. Paying attention to yourself, your feelings, and thought, and expressing and speaking with your own voice. 

The archetypes as subtypes

I have found a strong connection between Jung’s four archetypes and my four subtypes. I have been defining the subtypes based on whether a person is in a state of Flow, Creativity, Passion, or Discipline.

When a person is Disciplined, as is the case for the Industrious, Assertive subtype. Such a person channels their personality into more serious activities, focusing on their own security, and on providing themselves with their core needs. I see these qualities in the King or Queen archetype. 

When a person is Creative, like a person with high Playfulness and high Modesty would be, they would show characteristics like The Magician archetype does. They would be concerned with the future, and fun possibilities, what could be, and they would frequently change their mind and reconsider a situation, or they would be focused on learning new things, preferably for recreational purposes. Such a person would show little Perfectionism.

When a person is Passionate, they would show high empathy and compassion for other people, like the Lover does. Such a person would be focused on the emotions and needs of others, and might show higher levels of neuroticism, stress and worry. This kind of a person is focused on being of service and contributing to the group, helping them achieve belonging and connection to other people. When the Lover subtype is in its ideal state, we experience Wonder and Awe and Empathy.

Finally, when a person is in Flow, they would show the qualities of a warrior. Such a person is more Playful and Assertive. They go with their heart and what they want above all and will stand confidently for what they want even if other people disagree with them. When this archetype is at its best, we experience the state of optimal experience, the state of Flow. The warrior is relaxed and carefree, empowered, and strong, like a Lion resting on a savanna. 

What subtype best represents who YOU are?

Let me know in the comments below or take my SUBTYPE TEST. Oh. I don’t have one yet? Well then. Coming soon!


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