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Updates to the Personality Test

My name is Erik Thor, and my goal is to use personality psychology to help people actualize into their best version of themselves. If you enjoyed this article, consider becoming a patron. Thanks so much for reading and sharing my ideas! 
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Hope you are all doing awesome. I thought in this article, that I would give you an update on my personality test. The test has been updated to fit my updated explanations on the dichotomies. The biggest changes happened to my E/I, N/S and A/T questions. I talked more about that in a previous article, discussing the dichotomies.

General things about my personality test

I've been building personality tests for more than a decade. I gather statistics from all answers and track it's performance. I delete or change ambigous or bad questions that perform poorly in the statistics. This is what I've learnt from a good personality test:

All statements should be neutral. Some people have a positive or negative bias. If I include negative statements, people who are more insecure or have a low day will agree with the statements.

All statements are phrased in a positive manner, as something you enjoy. If I include I don't enjoy, some people get confused and mix things up. I avoid negative statements to make all questions clear and simple.

I avoid and or statements in a question. If I write "I enjoy X and Y" some will only agree with X, and some will only agree with Y.

Likert-scales: Option based scenario statements NEVER WORK in practice. There's too many variables - alternative interpretations. Long statement based questions cause more confusion than anything. Likert scales are clear and simple and quantifiable.

The dichotomies: You can see my take on the dichotomies here. https://www.personalitopia.com/the-definite-guide-to-the-myers-briggs-personality-type-dichotomies/

Why not a cognitive function test?
I have a cognitive function test too. personalitopia.com/cognitive-function-test/

To me, a dichotomy test is MORE RELIABLE. Why?

Many people are unaware of their own cognition and thought processes, causing their statements and experiences to be unreliable.
The cognitive functions are inherited from the dichotomies (a more extroverted and thinking and judging person will agree more with extroverted thinking statements)

Why not use the Big 5?

The big 5 tracks your current behaviour (how outgoing are you?) the MBTI tracks your PREFERENCES. == How much do you enjoy being active and outgoing. The big 5 cannot cover for depressed people or people in a bad environment. Extroverts in a bad environment may be more reserved or cautious, etc etc. By understanding your PREFERENCES, you know how you should organize your life to be happier, have more energy, motivation.

Updates to the Personality Test

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Updates to the Personality Test

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