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How all types use extroverted intuition

I wanted to write about this because I know we all use and experience extroverted intuition. I however believe that we all use and see extroverted intuition differently. As an INFJ, this is my perspective on how the function tends to be regarded by all the types. It should help clarify whether you are an INFP or an ENFP. It can also show you how an INFJ or ENFJ may come to regard the function.

Hero Extroverted Intuition

Being a pioneer and a detective is your passion. It reflects who you are at your best. It is your life long mission to honor this function and to pursue it throughout your life. When you use your investigative skills, life feels easier and more light. Often, this function is highly involved in times of positive changes in your life. This function is fueled by seeing patterns, secrets, and mysteries in the world around you. The awareness that there is a mystery to be solved everywhere is always going to follow you around. It keeps you curious and engaged.

Mentor Extroverted Intuition

The detective reflects your “higher judgement” and how you seek to help and serve the world. You see this function as a means to help and to guide people. Successfully using this function to make the world a better place makes you happy, but the way there can be long and heavy. As this function is often bound by the expectations others, for example your parents, have on you, you may sometimes feel that it is your duty to use this function. Remember, this is not your passion, but it still has a mainly positive role in your life. It can serve as your “moral compass” and it can help ground your passion so that its use helps improve the world.
Often the use of this function is perceived as slightly stressful, but it also reflects your higher judgement. You are intent to use this function for the greater good. You have strong expectations on how you use this function, intent to use it to live up to the worlds expectations and requirements. Sometimes these standards may be too high, restraining your use of the function too much. It’s therefore important that you keep your standards balanced so that it can lead to growth.

Sidekick Extroverted Intuition

The detective function reflects how you have fun and how you enjoy yourself. You use your pattern recognition skills mainly as a hobby and you have an unexpected knack for solving mysteries. This function strongly impacts your kind of humor and how you relieve anxiety. Sometimes you may use this function in a somewhat immature and childish way.
But you may also do unexpected things with this function. You may unintentionally use it to solve a mystery nobody was aware of. Unlike the INXPs, you dont have any strong standards on yourself and how you use this function. You are free to cheat and to take shortcuts where everyone else is stuck. And that can sometimes put you ahead of the others. Other times, cheating can blow up in your own face.
Try not to let this function block you from growth. Sometimes you may use this function to dodge important issues and to avoid dealing with important problems in your life. Humor may be a temporary way to relieve stress, but it won’t help you in the long run.

Rival Extroverted Intuition

Your use of the detective function is hidden from yourself. You are mainly unaware of these tendencies in yourself, but others notice when you use this function. Often, you use this function to investigate and dig up dirt on others. This function is like a weapon to you that you can use in times where you feel pressured by others. As such, most people see this function as a reflection of your more negative qualities.
When you use this function consciously, you may experience strong anxiety and stress. Reflecting on issues related to this function can also bring you inner turmoil. We often feel inferior to others in our abilities in this area. We feel that everyone else is better at this than we are. This may get us to feel envious of others. Because of this, the function serves the role of your rival. You desire to prove yourself to this function by following your own path and instead using your hero function. However, sometimes insecurities may get the better of you, or you temporarily have no choice but to rely on this inferior function.
This is often a necessary process. The importance is to use this function when necessary, but not to let it take control of your life to the point where you lose your way.
Unconscious / Projected functions
Below are the four unconscious functions. We tend to project these functions on others. Sometimes we may see other people as extroverted intuitives even if they are not. Other times we may regard this function more negatively than it actually is. Be aware of how you regard extroverted intuition and try to steer clear of the traps.

Prince/Princess Extroverted Intuition

People with dominant introverted intuition tend to project the qualities of extroverted intuition on top of others. Often, other people are seen as prince/sses, full of potential, but sometimes a little lost or in need of your aid. There is no greater pleasure than when you are able to use your dominant function to save the prince/ss. The process of working together with or for someone with your prince/ss function helps you achieve integration. That is when you have been able to align the perspectives of both introverted and extroverted intuition and use both as one. As an INXJ, try not to look at ENXPs as people in need of your rescue, but of people with important, complementary perspectives that can greatly aid your process.
You try to use introverted intuition to provide other people with a sense of the bigger picture. You desire to connect and bring other peoples ideas and possibilities into fruition by coming up with plans, concepts, and visions based on peoples ideas. As a result, you synthesize on their ideas and try to connect it to a larger system of belief or to your philosophy.

Genie/Fairy Extroverted Intuition

ENXJ types have come to regard extroverted intuition as a lucky charm of sorts.
People with introverted intuition as their mentor function regard extroverted intuition as some form of lucky charm or hidden treasure. They regard this function with superstition, as something of hidden magical power. ENXJs find extroverted intuition an immense help for overcoming big issues and challenges in their life.
They often rush to the aid of extroverted intuitives when able, using introverted intuition to help guide them through the process of change. But ENXJs also wish to protect extroverted intuitives from the world and from being tainted by others. As an ENXJ, make a habit of learning to ask extroverted intuitives of help when needed. You don’t need to be the only person taking responsibility of the situation.
As a result, the presence of extroverted intuition fuels your use of introverted intuition as a mentor function. You use introverted intuition with great responsibility to keep extroverted intuitives from harm and from danger. Perhaps this is why genies are sometimes depicted as “trapped in a bottle”? Sometimes your introverted intuition as a result can be overly controlling or smothering on extroverted intuitives. While your intention is to help and treasure this function, you may sometimes need to practice letting go of it.

Trickster Extroverted Intuition

ISXPs have extroverted intuition as their trickster function. This means the detective function fills the role of a dark temptation in you. Perhaps you may see this function as a means to cheat or get ahead of a situation. Or perhaps you regard detectives as treacherous rogues, people who live somewhat beyond the law.
As a result, your use of introverted intuition is fueled as a means to keep detectives in check. Or it is used to spot and see through potential deceit from these types.

Demon Extroverted Intuition

ESXPs see extroverted intuitives as potentially dangerous or devious. You may see it as your duty to keep detectives in check or under control. As a result, your use of introverted intuition may be fueled, and you may use it to devise plans or strategies to teach detectives a lesson. You may also use extroverted sensing to keep the group from listening to or getting caught up in the extroverted intuitives ideas and change initiation process. Your goal is to keep the group grounded and awake and focused on the immediate and tangible.
For example, you may devise philosophies and theories that will keep the detectives preoccupied and keep them going in a harmless direction. The goal is to be on top of the functions every move and to ensure that you don’t get caught up in it’s flow. You get a brief pleasure from being able to “trump” extroverted intuitives, using extroverted sensing to beat them at their own game.


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