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How All Types Experience Introverted Intuition

introverted intuition

Ni-dominant types – Heroic philosphers

Conceptual thinking, philosophy, theory and system building is your primary passion in life. You have a life driven by vision ahead of you. And you see and imagine the future. As an INXJ, you are a seeker who searches for something unknown even to you. You are highly elaborate and sometimes a little shrewd. Introverted Intuition represents your worldview. A passion is something that is important for you, without passion, you are lost. Make sure to reaffirm this function in you and to try to be true to yourself. When you feel a call to use this function, practice bravery and try to trust in your path. You may not know why or where something will lead right now, but the unknown is always where you can thrive the most.
Ni-auxilary types – Mentor philosophers 
Philosophy and conceptual thinking represents your inner mentor and guide in life. Filling the role of your inner father figure, it provides boundaries, standards and values to live by. Using introverted intuition drives you to grow and become a better person. But Introverted Intuition can also become a restriction and a stressor on you. Your strong standards and visions can limit you from enjoying the present, and as such, this is a constant tug of war for you. It can also represent superstitions and unusual rules that you have come to live by. But ENXJs are highly mature in their use of introverted intuition, using it with the utmost responsibility.
Ni-tertiary types – Sidekick Philosophers
For ISXPs, philosophy, conceptual thinking, and theory can provide the means of a temporary escape from reality. Introverted intuition provides a hobby. It is your source of humor – shrewd, sly, cunning humor. Your theories and concepts are funny and original. Introverted Intuition is your hidden superpower, you are good at it, but it is often something you hesitate to show to the world. But your use of introverted intuition is often fueled by anxiety and worries from real life. Your hobby is an escape route and while it can provide temporary relief, it rarely can be used to solve the problems in front of you.

Ni-inferior types – Rival Philosophers

The ESXPs have a hidden cunning side. Rarely aware of their own beliefs and theories, ESXPs act on a hidden vision and philosophy sometimes unknown even to themselves. Your use of this function is quick, brief and sometimes shallow. In times of anxiety and stress, this side can bubble up in you. It can be involved in your less constructive and more negative tendencies. It can also represent worries and superstitions. But its role can also be a necessary evil, something important to hone once in a while. Worries and anxiety can be important to deal with and acknowledge, sometimes representing real problems and real threats. But often, you can solve these problems through using your dominant and auxilary function. Practice acknowledging these worries and using them as a compass, but always be true to yourself in your final decision.

Introverted intuition as the fifth function “Philosophy is inspiring”

Philosophy has an inspiring influence in your life. Spending your life honing your detective skills and searching to decode patterns in your environment, you are always in search of mystery and the hidden truths of the world. Introverted intuition represents something you are always looking for in others. What is their vision? What is their hidden drive? In the hope of solving the worlds mysteries, you ask questions and you bring up patterns that hint of unknown beliefs. As a result, philosophers always has an inspiring influence in your life, both when good and bad, they help drive you forward.

Introverted intuition as the sixth function “Philosophy is a lucky charm”

For the INXPs, introverted intuition is a secret, hidden treasure. It is something to be treasured and safeguarded. INXPs desire to protect the worlds hidden mysteries. They protect people’s visions and theories, keeping them to themselves if found. For the INXPs, concepts, visions and theories are magical things. It has an empowering influence on you and it helps you solve issues and problems in your life. When speaking to XNXJs, you can feel how introverted intuition helps give your life perspective, putting your experiences and thoughts in place.
Introverted intuition as the seventh function “Philosophy is a dark temptation”
ESFJs and ESTJs find philosophy to be strangely alluring, but also dangerous. For you, introverted intuitives is like a cheat code, hacking and unlocking the worlds truths, but in a way that is somewhat wrong or risky. Vision and theory always risks harming the worlds stability and bringing out problems in life. In fear of this negative influence, or in a dark desire to use it for your own more selfish desires, you may try to use or control introverted intuitives for your own secret desires.
Introverted intuition as the eight function “Philosophy represents a potentially destructive influence”
The archetype of the destroyer has an important role in every story. It channels your inner conflicts and struggles and in the process of when destruction and creation collides, new things are born. Introverted intuition is something that you sometimes see in a slightly demonizing or villainous way. You fear that people with vision represent a dangerous influence on the world, and you see it as your goal to protect people from this potential danger.
Introverted Intuition challenges you, making you use introverted sensing to instead guide, control, and preserve the world. When introverted intuitives however make you doubt your own journey, it can trigger the use of extroverted intuition, and your more reckless, insecure side. Ideally, as you manage to stand up and rise to face introverted intuition, and you achieve success in your own path, you can reconcile with it and you can acknowledge its importance in driving your path of growth.


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