This is how many cats you will get based on your personality type

Every personality type has a different opinion on pets. So how many pets will you get, do you prefer dogs or cats, and what is your personality type?

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You will even dress like, meow like, and act like a cat.


You will have more cats in your lifetime than you will have romantic partners.


You will have your very own zoo.


You love cats, as long as somebody else cleans the litter box.


You like cats, as long as they are still and quiet.


You love cats, they can be used in all kinds of scientific experiments.


You like cats, but you wish they were more fun.


Cats are at least easier than dogs.


You like cats just about as much as you like dogs.


You have a slight preference for dogs, because they can be trained.


You find dogs cuter and more obedient.


Dogs are loyal and family-oriented, just like you.


A dog is an important puzzle piece of the perfect family.


Dogs are better the bigger and more intimidating they are.


You love to dress up and host dog meetups.


Dogs are natural guardians and protectors, and you can release them on your enemies.

What is your personality type and do you prefer dogs or cats?

Let me know in the comments below!

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