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Thinking describes how much you enjoy disagreement, critical thinking, and systematic thinking. There are Introverted Thinkers and Extroverted Thinkers. As a Thinking type, you value learning and challenging yourself and other people. You seek to gain skills and abilities. You want to achieve tangible goals and targets. You are ambitious and task-oriented.

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Common Questions About Thinking

What is Thinking (T)?

Thinking is the most disagreeable function and often takes a critical approach to life. You seek to improve yourself and the world and think about how things can be better than they are.

Which types are the most Thinking?

ESTJ, ENTJ, INTP, and ISTP personality types have dominant Thinking, where ENTP, ESTP, ISTJ and INTJ personality types have a more supportive, secondary role Thinking.

How do you know if you are a Thinking type?

Are you always working hard to push and improve yourself? Do you often think about work and what you want to do or achieve in life? Do you always look to how things can be improve and be better?

How can you develop your Thinking?

Challenge yourself. Set goals and targets for yourself. Make a clear plan for how to achieve your goals. Study and develop skills so that you can accomplish more faster. Try to be efficient and effective. Disagree and think criticalaly about what you hear.


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