The 16 Personalities Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey is a framework developed by Joseph Campbell to map our progress and self-development. Campbell believes that we develop in a predictable pattern and says all successful individuals will go through these phases in this order.

The 16 Personalities Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey begins with, normally, a feeling of failure or of not being enough. Something is weighing on your conscience, something does not feel quite right.

As we notice and become more aware of these feelings we decide to start making amends and improving and finding out where we went wrong.


After we have processed these feelings and realised our mistakes, we start taking on and accepting responsibility for what we have done. We try to do something to make up for this feeling.


This phase is characterised by the pursuit of relief. We try to get rid of negative feelings by escaping into fun and stimulating activities. We escape and avoid dealing with what is bothering us. This is often associated with running from our problems and refusing the responsibility we earlier took on. We feel “Haven’t I done enough already?” “Can’t it just be over?”


Often, our playfulness will trigger a feeling of inspiration. In this moment of rest we are suddenly given an “AHA” moment. Our worldview becomes flipped on end and we start seeing our situation and our experience differently. We start feeling like we could become different people or that we could change or that there is something new to be done that could really make a difference.


What started out as fun can quickly end up becoming more stressful and difficult than we had previously assumed. The fun or thought provoking idea you just had becomes a weight on your shoulders. You can feel tense and more angry or antagonistic than usual.


It is funny but often it is only by rising to and seeing through a challenge that we can really learn something. Only after we have done something, do we gain the insight necessary to learn and grow from the situation. You’d wish we could learn and grow without having to do any work, but the work has to be done first.


After we have grown and learnt something, we experience a feeling of mastery. We have gained a valuable lesson or reward and we now seek to impart this feeling to other people, too.


After not just successfully learning and growing and dealing with challenges in obstacles in life, nothing can hold you back from this feeling of flow and confidence. You are in a high and you feel at the top of your game. You have dealt with whatever worries or insecurities you had and stepped out of victim mode, and become a hero of your own story.

In short, as we progress on the hero’s journey, we go from victims, to heroes, as we are able to integrate the following archetypes into our consciousness.

The Personality Types of the Hero’s Journey

Our journey normally starts with our lowest functions and then gradually we progress to our strongest functions and finally to our flow function. In short, this creates the following journeys:

INXJs are on a journey towards profound existential discovery. Their goal is to become thought leaders, but first they must overcome their insecurities and feelings of being lost.

IXFPs are on a journey towards self-discovery but must first overcome the insecurity and worry that they are stupid/wrong/not good enough.

ENXPs are on a journey towards learning and discovery, but often start out with a feeling that something is “wrong” with their life and that they are missing something.

EXFJs are on a journey towards connecting with and building a stronger relationship to the tribe but must first shake the feeling that they are not good enough, not valuable enough to deserve genuine love and connection.

The IXTP journey is towards mastery and talent but often start this journey with a feeling that they are bad people or that they lack character or personal significance.

EXTJs are on a journey towards success in their goals. This journey often starts with a feeling of being disconnected from the tribe and their community and that people are against them.

ESXPs are on a journey towards joy and energy and immersing themselves in real life. But there can be a lingering feeling that something is off or that something is wrong, something is out of place and needs to be changed. But what?

ISXJs on the hero’s journey to gain a role and solid position in the world, to gain control and security. But they can struggle with an existential insecurity. Is this really what I am meant to do? Is there something else out there for me?

What personality type are you and how do you experience the hero’s journey? Unlock coaching and create your own growth plan.

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