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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

The Four Paths

On the hero’s journey, there are four paths you can take. The path of courage, the path of power, the path of perseverance, and the path of peace. Each path is sometimes difficult, and sometimes easy, and no path is better than the other. All lead to growth and adventure and wisdom and power.
The hero code test will help you find out which path you are currently on, and it will bring up questions. “Is my current path good?” “Do I like where I am headed?” “Do I want to change my direction?” or “What can I do to move forward if I am stuck?”
the hero code test

The Path Of Peace

DiSC: Steady & Influential

The Path Of Courage

DiSC: Dominant & Influential

  • The brightest and most profound philosophers. (IN)
  • The worlds greatest detectives. (EN)
  • Hedonists that truly enjoy life. (ES)
  • Steady people you can always count on. (IS)
  • Histories most brilliant visionaries (NJ)
  • The worlds most disciplined athletes (SJ)
  • The true adrenaline-junkies (SP)
  • The rebels & catalysts of change (NP)
As a steady and influential type, you may find that you’re able to find the fun and humour in any situation. You’re generally calm and laid back and able to relax no matter what happens. This makes other people relax around you. You’re inspiring and supportive and good at encouraging people in times of difficulty.
Sometimes you may struggle to motivate yourself to do something with your life, and sometimes you may be accused of lacking in ambition. Perhaps to other people, it may look like you’re just drifting through life. But at least you will enjoy and take pleasure in every moment.
The dominant and influential types tend to be true champions. Outgoing, courageous, and brave. As a red type, you’re a true lionheart, more than ready to put yourself at risk for what you believe in. You tap into your vision through your perception (N or S) and push it forward with your proactive function (J or P)
At times, you may be seen as reckless or thoughtless. You may say something without thinking first, or you may act in the dark, but you will always be a motivator more than able to get other people with you on your adventures.

The Path Of Perseverance

DiSC: Steady & Conscientious

The Path Of Power

DiSC: Dominant & Conscientious

  • Attracts the true masters of various crafts and skills (IT)
  • The worlds most ambitious people (ET)
  • The most talented and dedicated artists (IF)
  • Tends to make you renowned or popular (EF)
  • Gathers the most gifted communicators (FJ)
  • The most talented architects (TJ)
  • The true strategists (TP)
  • The worlds most brilliant journalists (FP)
The blue types tend to be thoughtful and tactical. Playing life out, one step at a time, you’re in no rush to the finish line. For you, the most important thing is to take things calmly. To you, practice makes perfect. As a blue type, you desire to make something out of yourself and to achieve something with your life.
Perhaps there is something you can do to make the world a better place? You are ready to push yourself to make a positive impact on the world, and you’re careful not to make any mistakes on the way. You may sometimes be accused of being too careful, but trust your path, it will give you great talent and perfection in whatever field you desire.
The green types tend to be strategic and ambitious, forceful and decisive. You pave the road forward for other people by sometimes playing outside the rulebook. You work hard and methodically to achieve your goals and to get where you want. When other’s get in your way, however, you’re more than ready to outmanoeuvre them.
Perhaps you know how to talk to get things your way. Perhaps you know how to get other people to talk and to share their secrets with you. And perhaps you know how to devise strategies and plans that will help you achieve your goals. You may sometimes be accused of being an enemy of peace and order, but people like you tend to bring big positive change in the world.

There are so many potential versions of ourselves we can explore. We are never stuck to a role or to a set path. We can always change, should we want to, but there is nothing wrong with the path we are on right now either. “If you don’t know where you are going, any path will get you there.” as they say in Alice In Wonderland.


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