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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

The 16 Personalities Sent Me Strange Donations

Hey everyone, today I was going to talk about Carl Jung and the collective unconscious, but people kept sending me weird donations. Watch to see what the 16 personalities have to tell me.

INTP donated 2 dollars

I know the video has not started yet, but I just wanted to tell you that you are WRONG. You are so wrong. I dont have the energy to explain how but you are 100% wrong. It is not my job to educate you.

What? I don’t even… I guess thank you for the donation?

We all share a common history and common ancestors and that means we also share ideas, common archetypes, myths and legends, that have been passed on to us from these ancestors. Because of this, we have more in common than we have differences. No matter what personality type you are, we can find common similarities and common ground. 

However, there is a danger when it comes to the collective unconscious. You can become trapped in your gender, national identity, or in your relationship. You can lose yourself in the ideas and expectations and traditions that you grew up with. Do you make your own choices in life, or do you follow social conventions blindly? By studying the collective unconscious and the ideas that surround you in life, you can learn to break free and become your own person. 

INFJ donated 2 dollars

Man, you’re OBVIOUSLY mistyped, I have spent 20 years developing my own system and you are totally a HAZOO-2YXX type. 

Uh, okay, INFJ… Thanks for sharing about your new system. I would love to hear more about it another time. 

For now, I just want to say that we can understand these common ideas and legends as part of our collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is a hidden world that exists between all of us and this is the identity and experiences that we share with other people across the globe. 

ESTP donated 10 dollars

You smell bad, jk LMAO youre cool dude keep up the good work LOSER

Uh, okay, thanks ESTP!

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Now, moving on… We come most into contact with the collective unconscious when we reflect on the experiences that we have had or are having together with other people. When we connect with another person, a common shared identity is formed. It can feel as if a relationship is a third person, existing between the both of you, and this identity is based on the common experiences that you share together. 

INFP donated 2 dollars

Hi, um, can I ask you something?

Hey INFP, ofcourse, you can ask me anything!

This shared identity can be intimate and deep, as the relationship between two lovers, or can be based on blood or shared parentage or family bonds. It can also be national or cultural or gender based. It is important to note that even if a bond is shared, your personal perception of this bond can differ. Two people can reflect on the idea of manhood, and draw different conclusions about what it means, but still find a common ground in the idea of this shared manhood.

ESFP donated 20 dollars

Hey, so, I made a disco remix of your last video where you give the 16 personalities advice and I was wondering if you could play it on stream?

Sure, just send it over to me, sounds fun!

The ideas that exist regarding what it means to be a man, or what it means to be an american, are very powerful and shape much of our experiences of life. The collective unconscious can represent an unconscious influence and a hidden power that shapes our perception of ourselves and our life and what is morally right and wrong. 

ENTP donated 50 dollars

Help, I am being held captive by PayPal and forced to process text donations. This is day 905. I am cold. I am so cold. 

Uh. Wow. That sounds terrible man. I hope you are able to get out of that.

Many live their lives completely controlled by these unconscious perceptions, and some see themselves purely as their national identity, defining themselves completely by their gender, nationality, or family relationships. The risk is that in doing so, these people lose the freedom to shape their own decisions. Many make decisions not based on what they themselves value and need in order to be happy, but purely based on what they think is normal for their gender, nationality, or what will please their parents.

ISFJ donated 50 dollars

Erik have you tried the KETO diet? I used to have depression but after I changed my diet I felt much better.

Honestly, not a fan of keto, but I am a vegetarian and try to live and eat healthy. But thanks for your suggestion!

It can be very important to break out of these unconscious expectations and one way to do so can be to travel, to experiment with your identity, or to challenge and experiment with these norms. Learn that you have a choice on how to live and who to be. Many are afraid to think for themselves and think it is easier to simply follow a collective instruction manual and do what other people tell them to, but this will cause you to become passive. Life will become something you try to endure rather than something you enjoy. 

INFP donated 2 dollars

Are you sure you won’t mind if I ask you a personal question?

No, I won’t mind, you can ask me anything!

To break out of collective expectations means to expose yourself to existential anxiety. There can be a loss of identity and a sense of being alienated. You may be afraid of losing your relationships or connections or shunned from stepping out of your defined norms. But if  you are strong enough to endure this anxiety and to continue moving forward, you will find that you become a stronger person, more secure in yourself. You do not figure out who you are before you go out and live life. You figure out who you are by going out and living life. We all start out without having a story, without having a legend or myth of our own. Your own myth, your own legend is created as you go out and grow and develop yourself.

ESTJ donated 50 dollars

Hey man, your channel sucks. I wrote a book called 10 steps to make it on YouTube, if you pay me 1000 USD I can give you a 10 day bootcamp and transform your channel. 

Hey man, thanks for your donation, I am not going to pay you 1000 USD, and I don’t appreciate your tone.

The way I see it, you can use the 16 personalities to better understand your potential. You may not fully relate to your personality type and you may feel that there are things that are different for you. That’s good. That means you have edges and contours and thoughts that are your own. Use the 16 personalities to better understand your own values and morality and use it as a tool. Then go out and create your own legend.

ISFP donated 10 dollars

Erik, repeat after me:

I am beautiful just the way I am

I am beautiful just the way I am

I am beautiful, just the way I am

Thanks for your kind affirmation ISFP, I hope everyone can learn to see their own inner beauty.

Really, you could say the goal is to become your very own 17th personality, to learn your own path and your own unique way of being. You don’t even have to stop identifying with your nation, culture, or gender, but you want to find your own unique way to be a man, or woman, or american. 

Collective and shared identity and relationships are powerful and can be used as jumping boards. You can use your nation, gender, or family as a supportive community and can use that to connect with other people and have shared experiences with other people. We have created amazing communities across the world that hold incredible power and potential and together, we can do more than we could ever do alone. Our communities give us a domain to conquer, a place to stand out, and a tool for self expression. 

ESFJ donated 5 dollars

I noticed your shirt is wrinkly and your beard needs a trim. I have the perfect skin cream to make your skin glow, contact me for fashion and skincare advice. XXX you are still cute

Haha, thanks ESFJ… 

Your goal is to never let yourself be controlled by your community or shared conscious experiences or ideas. You will never be “Just a man” or “Just a woman” or “Just a German” but you have the power to be more than that. Never let anyone else define you or tell you who you are or how to be. Find your own way to be and find your own way to define yourself. Resist outer expectations, even those that exist in your own head. Fear of judgement is just that, fear of judgement. It is information, about your past, and about your society, and where you live, but that is all it is. You can choose what you want to do with that information. For example, you can learn and take inspiration from old legends, you can ask other artists how they made it, or look at other youtubers for inspiration on how to make it on youtube, but in the end, you have to find your own way and you can never just copy another person or follow blindly in another’s footsteps. 

ENTJ donated 500 dollars

I am a billionaire, I made this account so I could brag about how rich I am.

That is great that you have made it and become successful, thank you for your donation, ENTJ!

Many think that they can simply pretend not to see these ideas. If I don’t think about other people, if I pretend not to see gender, it will simply stop to exist. But that may not be the case. You may unconsciously enact these ideas without being aware of it. Just as people tend to believe that advertisements do not affect them, you might believe that you are more free than what you really are. If you study your own shopping behaviour, you might find that you are buying the most popular brands, choosing coca cola over pepsi, or wearing the trendiest most modern t-shirts. You might dislike a certain sweater because the pattern is not in fashion anymore, or choose to watch a certain movie simply because the studio behind it has such a strong marketing power, but not because the movie itself is any good. These are just some ways in which the collective ideas and beliefs around you can shape your lifestyle and actions. 

ENFJ donated 10 dollars

Erik, I want you to believe in yourself. You have the potential to succeed and to make it. More people should watch your videos. You have an important message and I hope other people will hear it.

Thank you ENFJ!

So my last words are these:

Do not be afraid of the collective unconscious, but be aware and mindful of it. Know what traditions and ideas exist around you in the world, and learn how to break the rules when you want to. Know the paths that people have chosen before you, and know how to make your own path.

Thanks for watching and subscribe for more videos like these! 


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