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The 16 Personalities Love Languages

The INFJ Love Language

INFJs show love by stepping away from and allowing someone else to seize a new opportunity for themselves. They will then help you understand the opportunity and what it means for you. As an INFJ, you will try to find something that will have personal significance for another person. 

You will give people the opportunity of choice and give them options to pick between. The options will be carefully selected based on what you think the other person might like. As an INFJ, you will remove your own opinions from matters of love, and in love, you will be selfless. Your focus is completely on the needs of the other person. In this, it is important for you to know that your partner will appreciate you, and you will feel hurt if the other person does not see or like the things you do for them. 

As an INFJ, you will do your best to be the person that the other person wants you to be. You will try to adjust your lifestyle and values to those that you love. You will try to align your visions to connect better with your partner. It is important then to you that your partner is open minded to your way of seeing things. 

The INTJ Love Language

As an INTJ, your love language is primarily oriented towards empowerment. You seek to empower and give your partner strength to be successful and powerful in life. You want your partner to feel boosted by your presence, and you want to help push and give them direction. As an INTJ, you need your partner to be open minded and able to have an open discussion with you. You will feel hurt if your partner will not be able to have a logical conversation with you about what is smart. 

You try to use your intellect to solve problems that your partner is facing and seeing where they fail. You help them analyse decisions to make sure they come to the right one. Typically, you will give your partner the choice of many options, and you will let them count out the pro’s and con’s of each decision. You withhold your own arguments and opinions and you then try to make decisions that follow on your significant other’s opinions. 

The INTP Love Language

As an INTP, you show love by giving other people power and control. You let other people make decisions for you and you are okay letting go of power to the person you love and admire. You trust in the power of the other person and empower them to be strong and decisive for the both of you. 

You instead focus on taking the role of the advisor, helping your partner understand the decisions you are facing, and showing them the arguments in both directions. Your goal here is to be as neutral as possible, and to simply share the arguments for or against something. 

INFP Love Language

The INFP personality type shares love by letting another person in to care for you, something you normally find very difficult. You may struggle to let other people in and matter, but if you like someone, you trust them to handle you with the care you deserve, and you trust them not to have ulterior motives. You will feel hurt if your partner is selfish or does not consider you in their actions. 

As an INFP In love, it is important for you to give your partner honesty. You know the importance of sharing your feelings with the other person and letting them know how you feel – and you even see it as a reflection of love, even if it’s tough for the other person to hear it. 

While INFPs normally like to march to the beat of their own drum, in love, they are more open to follow another person in their footsteps. In love, you trust your partner to give spiritual guidance and to take the both of you into account. You try your best in this, to keep them open minded, and to show them different ways you could take. 

ENFP Love Language

As an ENFP, you try your best to trust in the integrity and ethical compass of the person you love. When you are in love, you consider the person you are with to be a confidant, someone that will keep your feelings safe. You expect your partner to understand you and to listen to you. You trust your partner to take you seriously and to care about what you say. You will feel hurt if you are misunderstood by your partner. 

ENFPs will show love by sharing and expressing themselves. They will also trust their partner to provide them with guidance and a shared vision. You want your partner to think of both of you and to take both people into account. You will try to keep your partner open minded and let your partner know at all times that life is full of possibilities. 

You will also remind your partner to not be too sure and to not see things set in stone. Anything, to you, is possible. And you will show your partner the many possibilities open to you both.

ENTP Love Language 

ENTPs show love by showing strength for their partner. They want their partner to know they can handle anything you throw at them. As an ENTP, you want your partner to know you can solve any problem faced, and that nothing is beyond your abilities. 

You can find yourself trying hard to impress your loved ones by all the things you can do. You will also want to impress them intellectually, showing them how creative you can be, and how many options you can think of. You can find an opportunity in anything, and you’re happy to share this with your partner.

As an ENTP, you will find yourself letting your partner analyse your decisions, and you will trust in your partner to be logical and sharp. You trust in their intellect and that they can keep up with your mind. You trust them to get you and to keep up with you and how you think. You will beyond that, let them make decisions for the both of you. You will trust them to be responsible and to make a logical decisions for the both of you based on what is realistic and will be rewarding for the future. 

ENFJ Love Languages

If you are an ENFJ, you will find yourself being a person that will want to show love and affection towards your partner. You will trust in your partner to be honest and sincere with you at all times, and feel hurt if your partner won’t open up or confide to you. You want your partner to be open-minded and to not judge your ideas or opinions to be crazy. 

You want your partner to be willing to try things with you. You also need your partner to understand you and what you say. You expect those that you love to really see and hear what you say and to never misconstruct your feelings or opinions. 

ENTJ Love Language

As an ENTJ, you are a person that wants to show will power and strength to those that you love. You count on them to be able to handle you. You trust them to be able to deal with whatever you throw at them. 

The person you love, you love for their intelligence and open-mind. You want a partner that can help you troubleshoot decisions and someone to keep you on your toes. Someone that will stay rational and detached and will think with you about what will be smart or effective. 

ESTJ Love Language

As an ESTJ, you want a partner that is solid and secure in themselves and who they are. It is important for you to have a partner that is clever and ready to work on and improve on themselves. 

You need a partner that will hold you accountable to your decisions and will set boundaries for you on what you can and cannot do. You want to show how capable you are to your loved ones. You want to prove your abilities and demonstrate resourcefulness and dedication. You want to work hard for your partner – and you see hard work as a representation of love. You count on your partner to see and remember what you do for them and you will feel hurt if they won’t. 

ISTJ Love Language

The ISTJ personality type is one that wants to show responsibility and care for security and stability. You want your partner to know they can always count on you and that you are prepared for everything. You fall in love with people that are strong minded and capable. People that can improvise and think quick on their feet. 

When you are in love, you trust in the strength and problem-solving of other people and you feel impressed by what they do and how they do things. You are hurt if your partner won’t stick to the plan you made for the two of you or if they won’t enjoy or show enthusiasm for what you have to say. 

ISTP Love Language

ISTPs show love by working on and improving themselves frequently. Genuinely trying to learn and become the best partner possible, you are trying to know and understand everything about your partner and how they work. 

You count on your partner to make the moves in the relationship and to plan for the both of you and try to be a person that your partner will respect and admire. If your partner cannot plan or make good decisions and take responsibility for their actions, you will lose trust quickly. 

ISFP Love Language

As an ISFP, you are looking for a partner that will be warm and friendly, but at the same time open for honest conversation. It is important for you that your partner considers you and your feelings and needs and you trust them to care for you when things are tough. You want someone who accepts you at both your best and your worst and someone that can handle all parts of who you are. 

ISFJ Love Language

The ISFJ personality type is caring and considerate towards those they love. You like to put people at ease and to let people know they can relax and be themselves around you. You appreciate a partner who can be passionate and authentic and real. Expressive individuals who like to dance and perform or entertain themselves and others spark your interest. 

ESFJ Love Language

You like a person that is honest and simple and someone that will be laid back and open to anything. You appreciate caring for and doing things for your partner. You find yourself trying your best to charm the ones you love through kind words and nice acts of service. You like a person that will see and remember the things you do for them and someone that will understand you and what is behind your pretty personality. 

ESFP Love Language

As an ESFP, you are drawn to a simple, and easygoing personality. You like people that enjoy the good, smaller things in life, and people that can find the positive in any situation. You can be drawn to the sensitive types who can communicate with tact and care and respect and understanding. You can feel hurt by people who will be brash or abrasive or harsh in their words or actions. 

ESTP Love Language 

As an ESTP, you are someone that tends to fall in love with strong, responsible people who are secure in themselves and who they are. You like people who won’t change with the wind but who can set their foot down and stick to a decision when they make it. 

You want a partner who is consistent in their words and actions. You trust the person you love to be able to pick you up if you get into a bad situation or end up making a mistake. If you love someone, you’ll expect them to have your back and stand up for you.


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