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Ten Things All Dreamers Can Relate To

Dreaming is easy. All you have to do is reflect about the world and what you imagine and to allow it to flow in vivid detail. To be a dreamer is to be someone that can flow from their imagination and to let themselves have dreams. Its also important to not overthink these dreams, to not shoot them down, to not call them unrealistic, and to not try to turn it into an ambition or a simple test of skill. A dream is not numbers, not data, not hard objective results.
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Its something beautiful, elaborate, imaginative, and deeply personal. Think your dream house, a dream world, or ideal relationship. Dreams bring forward the deeper ideals that we want to have in our life. Dreams are deeply entangled with emotion or intention, dreams spark strong feelings, and are connected to our sense of purpose and identity. INFJs, ENFJs, INFPs and ENFPs are the biggest dreamers.
1. Don’t rush a dream
People are inclined to want to rush to their dream and can often become disappointed easily when they are not there quick enough. Compared to sensors, iNtuitives are more interested in more distant prospects and far-shooting possibilities. iNtuition can’t be rushed and when it is rushed it becomes sensing.
2. Don’t confuse perfectionism with idealism
Perfect is better associated with thinking and with an objectively logical smart way for things to be. Idealism is not necessarily about what is objectively smart, just what we find beautiful, positive, and personally right. When you work towards your dreams as a Feeling type you feel motivated and fulfilled. But when you work towards perfection you start to quickly feel starved, cold, and empty.
3. Don’t become disappointed
You don’t really need to have your dream happen at once, and you don’t need it all to immediately line up. As an iNtuitive type, all that is really necessary is a clue that you are going the right way. iNtuitives are happy enough when there are small clues, subtleties, signs and affirmations that they are on the right path. Remember to let yourself enjoy the process and to feel good about the unique finds you make on the way.
4. Not all dreams have to be realised
When I get a dream about something like moving to a new place or going somewhere, I don’t always want it to happen in reality. Its just a dream. Something can be a funny thought, but you know it wouldn’t be fun in reality.
5. When you have the same dream over and over
Its when you have the same dream over and over that you realize that it really is important. I start to obsess, and then I know I have to do something about it. Some people don’t know what they want – the clue is – the signs you see around you show you where you are curious to go. The ideas you have remind you of what you want to explore. Just have an open eye, and you will find out.
6. When people don’t get your dreams
I can dream of something, but I don’t expect anyone else to give it to me. My dreams are my responsibility. I do not expect my dreams to be realistic either: they may or may not fit with the world or what is possible. I do not want to just dismiss them because they seem impossible. And my dreams are not my truth either: just because I have a crazy idea or dream does not mean I want it to happen. When I am forced to explain my idea I can make the mistake of making it too practical or too concrete and then pigeon-holing myself. Then when my dream changes or becomes more nuanced, I risk appearing fickle or like I say one thing and mean another.
7. You never really know what a dream means until you are there
Don’t make the mistake of becoming too sure of yourself or a dream. Dreams can change. It takes a while to see all the nuances. Its easy to misread the signs. The patterns may not be what they seem. You never really know what something is until it is there.
8. Don’t lose heart halfway 
I mean this quite literally, if you are really strong in intuition, you may start to use thinking to realise and push forward a dream, or harden yourself, to avoid criticism, or force yourself to be tougher than you are. You may overly rationalise your actions and in doing so, you may become slightly lost from your heart. You may in this not realise that the dream is actually making you unhappy, that you are not enjoying what you do, and that you have forgotten the purpose of the dream to begin with.
9. Don’t lose your gut either
Emotional and intentional concerns may also take over and cause you to lose your balance. You may become so caught up with social concerns, people you meet, and protecting your values that you miss out on valuable signs and clues around you. Your dream might be changing and new routes may be opening up while you are busy trying to bash through the locked door in front of you.
10. Dreams are important
Dreams are important, because they are important to you. How they make you feel is everything, a dream should make you feel, and it should make you curious, or even excited. The process towards realising a dream should always be fun and the dream should always be an extension of you and your self-realising project. It should give you heart and it should make you feel human and it should make you feel like the world has magic.
If you are a Dreamer (iNtuitive Feeling) type dreams are going to speak to you in a different way than most. So while others may hear “Waste of time” you hear “Fascinating possibility” and while others may not always understand you, you should hear “Not everything in this world needs to be explained”.
Feel free to share this article and to share your dreams and ideas with me and your friends. I won’t think you are crazy. I have moved to a different country for love and created youtube channels and websites discussing crazy new theories. My family and friends never really knew what I was doing and while I was doing it all, I had no real idea of what I was doing either. Yet somehow, it worked.


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