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Ten Struggles For Intelligent ENXPs

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ENXPs enter a flow when they use their ability to read patterns and to investigate hidden patterns around them. There are ENXPs that have an average, high, or exceptional ability to read patterns. There are more and less creative ENXPs. The higher your intelligence, the more patterns you will pick up on. When you develop yourself as an ENXP, you will be developing your ability to pick up on trends. And you will be developing your ability to consider multiple possibilities and angles at the same time. ENXPs often have:

  • A high interpretations intelligence (ENXX)

This is the gift of seeing patterns and noticing subtleties in your environment. Hidden signals, secret codes, unusual behaviour. With lower than average intelligence, you often take a longer time than average to see an obvious pattern. With an average intelligence, you will see normal patterns. If you have a high or exceptional intelligence, you see patterns that most people miss. And some of these patterns will be so unexpected or intricate that many people can’t understand them.

  • A high creative intelligence (XNXP) / extroverted intuition.

This is the gift of considering multiple options or ways to look at information. With lower than average intelligence, even a small amount of options can overwhelm you. If you have an average intelligence, considering 2-3 different scenarios can be fun. With a high or exceptional intelligence however, your mind can run many different things, faster than most.

Being intelligent is a gift. But it also creates challenges. Read more below:

intelligent enxps

  • 1: People think you make crazy leaps from pattern to pattern because they can’t keep up with you

Creative ENXPs might notice that their information seems to come from so many ends, that it is impossible to discuss all of them. You end up having to choose what to explore, or you would appear scattered. But when you can discuss them all freely, that is when your mind really flares up the most.

  • 2: Your ideas are often dismissed because other people don’t understand them

No, it’s not impossible to go to Mars. If you can think it, it is possible! And a lot of the time, people would get it, if they just thought about it a little. The problem is that many prefer to see things in a static way – everything neatly boxed in. That’s fine for them, but you need to be able to think multidimensionally.

  • 3: People miss obvious changes and patterns that are really clear to you

Your creativity comes from the ability to see the connections between different things. There are no coincidences. And everything is connected. Most people just miss it. And when they don’t see it, they often assume it doesn’t exist.

  • 4: You already know what people are going to say, but they still take a really long time to say it

Some people take a really long time to complete a sentence or to solve a problem. Managing the patience to wait for other people to solve it can be difficult. Sometimes you even have to accept that the problem may never be resolved fully.

  • 5: When people keep going over a subject over and over that you understood completely long ago

And then they never stop talking about it. Yes, I got the point, can we move on now? At least you can base some funny drinking games on this.

  • 6: Your friends keep repeating themselves and keep getting stuck in old patterns that only you can see

ENXPs are not known for their patience when other people take time. The contradicting thing about ENXPs is that you love patterns – but not repetition. The difference is that the sound of a metronome would annoy you, but an intricate, complex pattern that is still being developed, is so much more fascinating.

  • 7: People don’t always understand why you get annoyed

Intelligent ENXPs often have some unexpected sensitivities. While you usually are very forgiving, there are many things that annoy you that wouldn’t annoy most people. Subtle, annoying sounds, smells, touch, you have many pet peeves and things that can hit you badly.

  • 8: Deciding to not discuss something that you know other people won’t understand

A big problem for ENXPs is humility and forced humility. Not coming off as a besserwisser, not seeming too much, not laughing at inappropriate times. Worries and concerns from the inferior sensing state can get many ENXPs to hide their wit from others.

  • 9: You are sometimes painfully bored when talking with other people – so sarcasm becomes your survival weapon

When you are bored, and when you feel like you lack a forum to speak your mind freely, try not to just tune out into the autopilot. Find ways to have fun, and to enjoy yourself. Don’t hold yourself back, and don’t worry so much about what other people will think. Perhaps dive into something you can explore while everyone else is occupied elsewhere, and let yourself be you.

  • 10: People rarely notice how smart you are. They’d be surprised if they could see inside your head.

ENXPs rarely hog the spotlight, and they often run the show in more subtle ways. They know how to get their way. They rarely choose the direct, straightforward way of doing something. The intelligence of ENXPs is constantly underestimated.


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