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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

Ten Reasons ENTJs Are The Most Successful iNtuitives

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ENTJs are not just the most consistently, traditionally successful of all iNtuitives, they are also the least iNtuitive of all iNtuitives.



Hey team. Today we will talk about how to become more industrious, ambitious, and goal-oriented. What is it that makes ENTJs so successful compared to other iNtuitives and what can other iNtuitive types learn from ENTJs?

I have studied personality psychology for ten years and come to discover that ENTJs are some of the most successful personality types in a traditional sense. Today we will walk through what you can learn from ENTJs and what you should avoid.

Why should you want to be like an ENTJ?

I believe that everyone and all personality types can benefit from studying the ENTJ personality type and the Extroverted, iNtuitive, Thinking and Judging mindset. It can be incredibly important if you are looking for success in business, entrepreneurship, or learning.

What are the key values of an ENTJ?

The ENTJ personality type represents Creativity, Exploration, Reformation and Leadership. I will show you how these values can benefit you and help you in your life and what is so important and admirable about these personality traits. If you are an ENTJ personality type, I will show you how to harness these traits to your biggest success. 

The ENTJ Cognitive Function in flow is Extroverted Thinking. 

The most underrated ENTJ trait is their novelty-seeking. There is no personality type who spends more time learning and consuming practical knowledge. The ENTJ personality type values advanced learning. You will find ENTJs to be some of the most well-educated personality types. To the ENTJ, knowledge is a resource, so if you want to compete with an ENTJ, you gotta study as hard as you work.

If you want to compete with an ENTJ, you need to do the following:

  • Dedicate yourself to learning and reading about new things
  • Set goals in your learning and track your progress learning about new topics
  • Learn to use knowledge as a resource to fast-track your success.

The last part is the most important. You should not just seek to learn new things but you should constantly think about how you can apply your knowledge to make smarter decisions. Extroverted Thinking is not just about advancing your skills, it is about putting your skills to practice. Extroverted Thinking types will be pragmatic and think about how to use their knowledge and information to their advantage.

What can you do to become more like an ENTJ?

  • Learn to filter between good ideas and bad ideas
  • Make a note of what resources or skills you are going to need if you want to successfully implement an idea
  • Make use of social networks and confidently charm other people to join you
  • Constantly. Learn. New. Skills
  • Do not back down even if you encounter resistance
  • Back up crazy ideas with good credentials
  • Be known as the best in your field
  • Get proof to verify your talents and abilities

What can you do better than an ENTJ can?

  • ENTJs really struggle to be vulnerable with other people
  • The ENTJs have a bad habit of intellectualising their feelings
  • Most ENTJs will sometimes dismiss their own ideas if they sound too irrational
  • ENTJs may sometimes feel at war with the world or like “everyone is against me”
  • ENTJs may sometimes provoke resistance that they could easily overcome with diplomacy
  • The tribe will often “shame” the ENTJ for ignoring moral or ethical considerations or for being too honest. 
  • ENTJs may sometimes be attracted to extreme or unethical beliefs just because they are more efficient or simple
  • ENTJs may “break” thing because they are too much in a rush

The biggest ENTJ Struggle

ENTJs struggle to enjoy and be happy with their own success


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