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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.


Speedtyping is the art of identifying some common quirks associated with certain personality traits. Speedtyping is a start to learning about someone – but not the end. When you’ve figured out someone’s base type, always look for deeper understanding of how and why the person got where they are today. Try to also understand the emotional reasons that drove them where they are today and don’t settle for the shallow answer. Speedtyping is just based on common general trends and differences between different types. Often, there are many exceptions to speedtyping rules. This makes it a very easily deceived art.

Speedtyping Introverts and Extraverts

Because of this, extraverts are often in “retaliation mode”. They are making decisions based on external events, rather than making actions based on personal or subjective reasons. You will find that introverts will appear to not care about what other people think or say.
They will think that they changed their mind because they decided to change their mind. Not because of what anyone else said, even if this is untrue. Extraverts will see themselves as doing things because of other people. Because theres clear visible evidence to prove why they should do what they did. If they have subjective motivations to do something, they will still look for external evidence to “ground” their decisions.

Judgers are territorial

The perceiver is more focused on themselves and on what they personally do. The judger is more focused on their environment and with their territory. Judgers want to show that they own or control their environment. Perceivers want to show that they own or control themselves and their own body. A judging type is more concerned with setting long boundaries and establishing their own territory over a wide area, room or environment.


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