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Sensing VS Intuition – Why Sensors Rule The World

Sensors are everywhere. They’re smart. They’re confident. They’re proactive. Why are Sensors so dominant in the modern world and why have Sensors so completely outcompeted iNtuitives in matters of politics, business, and popular culture?

Sensory types have come to dominate much of modern society. Sensors today represent trendiness, mastery, confidence, assertiveness, and vitality. In many ways, Sensory types have completely outcompeted iNtuitives. Sensors are better at standing up for themselves, they are more outspoken, they are more firm in their own beliefs. As a sensor, you radiate confidence and self-esteem. You promote body positivity and comfort in yourself and your own identity. You trust your own mind and intellect. And this is just why Sensors have been so successful in the modern world.

The Key Difference Between Sensors and Intuitives

In a nutshelll, the number one thing that makes Sensory types so special is the fact that they embrace the ordinary. As a sensor, you’re not longing for the new, different, or special. You’re not second guessing your every move. You’re not thinking of better things you could be doing. Sensory types have a way of finding comfort in their own skin and their own situation.

The ability to take comfort in routine and in regular day to day life gives the Sensory types a natural resilience. Intuitives are always dreaming about the next horizon, unable to appreciate the sky right in front of them. It’s not like Sensors like everything about life – there are always daily frustrations and struggles, for everyone, but Sensors are able to more easily appreciate the good that already is.

People that have a positive view of reality and the world make more positive decisions. People that have a more negative view of the world and of life tend to make more negative decisions. Ultimately, attitude is so important, and what I notice is, intuitives could learn a lot from Sensors. If Intuitives would learn confidence and energy like a Sensor, perhaps their lives would be very different?

Let’s End Sensor Bias

Check out my latest video discussing 5 Sensor Stereotypes.


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