2021 Roadmap To Find Your Personality Type

HOW DO I FIND MY PERSONALITY TYPE? That’s probably the most common question I get. What can you do to find out and understand your own personality type? This is my 2021 roadmap to help you find your personality type. You can use these ten strategies to not just figure out your own MBTI type but also to better understand your personality type. From a “find out my personality type quiz” to a finding my personality type roadmap, these strategies should get you started on finding out your personality type.

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How to find out my personality type?

Some people will tell you the cognitive functions are the secret to finding your personality type. Other’s will tell you personality tests are the best way to start. Some will say you should seek the help of a qualified professional. Other’s will tell you to read literature that will make you an expert on the topic so you can make a rational judgement. I believe in a combined approach. Use multiple strategies all to help you find your personality type.

1. Find out my personality type quiz

I developed my personality test to be the ideal starting point to anyone who wants to find out their personality type. I’ve spent years perfecting the questions and regularly use the data and statistics to improve the performance of the test.


2. Get an extended personality test report

After taking the test, save the link! You can send it in to me to get extended in-depth insights into your results and answers. Not happy with your results? I can show you how you got the results and what happened when you took the test.

3. Take the MBTI typing assessment

Tests not for you? I get you. Often, there is no right answer and it can be hard to know exactly what a question means. This MBTI typing assignment allows you to answer and explain exactly where you are right now and where you feel that you fall on the different scales. I can then use this insight to help you better analyse your type more in depth.

Unlock a deeper understanding of yourself with our comprehensive In-Depth Personal Profile. This 30-35 page report offers unique insights into your personality, providing tailored advice for your career, well-being, and personal growth. It's more than just a report; it's a journey to self-discovery and personal development.

Explore Your Personality Report

4. Record your own personality type video

A video is a chance for you to record and interview yourself for 10-20 minutes. It can be really interesting to see and hear yourself and what you say. Video typing is a way to manifest your thought process in an unfiltered way. Speak your mind freely and share anything that comes to your mind.

5. Read the latest books on the MBTI

I hope to bring more books out in the future where people can learn about personality psychology and flow. Check out my first book!

6. Take my MBTI Courses

I’ve started developing a series of courses to help people who want to better understand the different personality types. Check them out here!

7. Master the cognitive functions

People that are struggling with the dichotomies usually find a lot of solace and clarity from studying the cognitive functions. You can have a different cognition than you have behaviour.

8. Live life fully

You can’t figure out who you are by staring at a white paper and thinking out loud. I think it can be hard to tell what values or interests if you have if you don’t live life fully. From a distance, things can feel different than what they are in reality. Take leaps and try new things. Put yourself in new situations. It will make it easier for you to know how things really feel and to know who you really are.

9. Find out your subtype

Not all ENFPs are the same and everyone has a distinct subtype and unique development. My extended personality test report and coaching can be of great help when you want to better understand the different subtypes.

10. Get personality type coaching

I offer coaching so that you can get personal help and answers directly. Coaching goes via Zoom and is a one hour opportunity to discuss any questions you may have.

What strategies worked for you? How did you become more sure of your personality type?

Let me know in the comments below!

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