Self-discovery 101 on Intuitives and Sensors

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Intuition vs Sensing

  • Intuition is associated with being open to new ideas, optimistic about outcomes, imaginative, and more focused on tasks and projects rather than interpersonal interactions. Intuitives thrive on exploring possibilities, often engaging in creative thinking and envisioning scenarios beyond the present.
  • Sensing individuals excel in practicality, skepticism towards unproven ideas, a present-oriented mindset, and a focus on people rather than tasks. They prioritize what is feasible and practical, valuing detailed planning and the tangible aspects of life over abstract ideas.

Reflection Questions

  1. Do you find yourself more energized by brainstorming possibilities and engaging in creative projects, or by organizing and executing practical tasks that have immediate outcomes?
  2. When faced with new information, is your initial reaction one of optimism and open-mindedness about what could be, or do you approach it with skepticism, focusing on the feasibility and practical implications?
  3. Consider how you perceive the world around you: Are you more inclined to daydream and think about future possibilities, or do you prefer to stay grounded in the present, focusing on the sensory details of your environment?
  4. In conversations and interactions, do you naturally gravitate towards discussing ideas and abstract concepts, or do you find more comfort in talking about tangible experiences and practical matters?
  5. Reflect on how you prioritize your activities and tasks. Are you more task-oriented, focusing on what needs to be done, or are you more people-oriented, prioritizing relationships and interpersonal connections?