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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.


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What is interesting is what happens when we start explaining the intersection between values and behaviour. 


We behave to acquire needs (for example we may need novelty, or we may need evidence, we may feel a need to be cautious, or to do something) 

  • Mental (5) want to understand the world mentally, it is not about what can be proven but what can be reasoned about
    Note: I relate strongly to being a mental type.
  • Physical (W) want to experience something physically, to be in the heat of something or feel it out physically. Does not need novelty.
  • Spiritual (7) want to learn about something or try something out, have a novel experience that goes beyond basic understanding. Does not need to explain something.
  • Scientific (6) want to define or know something empirically, it is not about frivolous reasoning but about knowledge and proof. The 6 is cautious and does not want to act directly.


Values are what we feel is the right way to do something or how we feel about doing a certain activity, what we enjoy and dislike doing. 

  • Philosophical (IN) types value gaining original insight into something or how it is and what its nature is
  • Metaphorical (EN) hope to understand the worlds latent and hidden opportunities and potential
  • Historical (IS) values explaining and defining a situation in practical terms
  • Natural (ES) values understanding nature and experiences directly

Natural behaviour

  • Natural-mental (ES-5) types want to understand the experiences they have in nature and of others
  • Natural-physical (ES-W) want to experience the world physically
  • Natural-Spiritual (ES-7) are driven to learn about nature and about the experiences around them
  • Natural-Scientific (ES-6) seek to define and understand nature empirically

Philosophical behaviour

  • Philosophical-Mental (IN-5) want to understand theories mentally
  • Philosophical-Physical (IN-W) want to experience a theory in practice
  • Philosophical-Spiritual (IN-7) hope to explore theories spiritually
  • Philosophical-Scientific (IN-6) want to explain theories empirically

Metaphorical behaviour

  • Metaphorical-mental (EN-5) seek to understand opportunities and possibilities
  • Metaphorical-physical (EN-W) hope to experience an opportunity first hand
  • Metaphorical-Spiritual (EN-7) want to explore a new chance spiritually
  • Metaphorical-Scientific (EN-6) want to test out an opportunity empirically

Historical behaviour

  • Historical-Mental (IS-5) seek to understand history mentally
  • Historical-Physical (IS-W) wish to experience history first hand
  • Historical-Spiritual (IS-7) hopes to explore history spiritually
  • Historical-Scientific (IS-6) dreams to explore history empirically

This is just a basic write up, it may sound complicated at first, so feel free to just keep the concepts separate, but at least use them to recognize that there is a difference between cognition, values, and behaviour. 


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