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NT | The Innovators


The Innovator Personality Type

Common archetypes: The Sage, The Seeker, The Performer, The Inventor, The Ruler, The Reformer, The Magician, The Lover

ENTP, INTP, ENTJ, and INTJ personality types all share a similar preference for intuition and thinking. This means their core values include achievement, progress, novelty, and wisdom. Lovers of learning, these types are always seeking new information around them. They’re insatiably curious and quickly grow bored with routine.

Inventive and innovative, they tend to feel strongly motivated with intuitive work and love to crack their heads against logical puzzles and technical problems. You see these types coming from a perspective of conscientiousness: they want to do the best possible, and can sometimes be perfectionistic about their ideas and their execution. NTs tend to feel highly responsible for the systems in place in our society. They care highly about these systems being effective and that they work as intended. The NT is a type who values freedom highly, needing independence and to walk their own path in life.

Their goal is the smart execution of one’s values, making sure they are seen through effectively and that we get the results we want out of life. What is the best way to do something? How could we improve at something? Are we using our resources effectively? We have so many issues in today’s world, from enormous waste piles, carbon dioxide emissions, and a loss of natural resources. NT’s may be the key to stopping many of these problems.

Your Guide To NT Flow

What NTs need to consider if they want to grow themselves and experience flow in life is to entertain the impossible. What is it no person has ever been able to do so far? What boundaries could you break and what limits could you surpass? Start writing an action plan and list problems in your environment and ideas you could use to solve these problems. Think creatively – intuitives excel at this. Don’t get discouraged early.

There’s huge potential energy and motivation to be found in setting goals and challenges for yourself. Energy does not come from sitting back and waiting for inspiration to come, but rather by issuing quests for yourself and trying your hand at something and surprising yourself. The energy and the motivation is the reward for doing new and interesting things effectively. How do you experience flow as an NT? By doing something no person has ever done before better than you have ever been able to in the past.&nbsp


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