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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

What Is The Neojungian Model?

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The neojungian model & the four letter code

The neojungian model is different from all that you have studied so far. We are an independent system put together by studying neuroscience for four years at Neojungiantypology.com. We have an uniquely different way of looking at personality: as the key to flow and happiness.
Every letter in your type code means something. It gives you the clue to how you can reach a higher state of flow. A higher consciousness. A higher awareness. And a higher sense of motivation and fulfillment. The four letter code reflects what the good life is to you. What values you desire to live by in this good life. How you approach it. And how you get there. The goal of the neojungian model is to give people the key to this information.
Every letter gives you clues to your brain and how it works. For instance, INFPs experience introversion as a way to keep warning receptors down. Intuition boosts their interest and energy. Feeling boosts their sense of motivation or their feeling that they are doing something important. And perceiving is how they stave off stress. By studying the neojungian model and your four-letter code, you can find out how to find flow.

The Flow Patterns

Using the four letter code, you can identify your six flow patterns. Group the letters together two and two into different combinations and you get:

Four intelligences

The intelligences reflect the ways of thinking that you use most effortlessly.
IN: Existential Intelligence
FP: Cultural Intelligence
IF: Intrapersonal Intelligence
NP: Creative Intelligence
There are in total sixteen intelligences together with these four. We will introduce all of them.

Your set of values

What motivates and inspires you.
NF: The Idealist

Your basic temperament

How you stave off stress and anxiety.
IP: The Advisor

Your stress type

Beyond figuring out your type, if you reverse your four letters, you find out your stress patterns, and your unconscious behaviour. What you do in times of stress, anxiety, worry, confusion, and lack of energy and motivation. A good way of describing the stress type is as how you protect yourself when the world overwhelms you. Your defensive mechanism. An INFP under stress may:

  • Rely too heavily on systems intelligence (TJ)
  • See the world too pessimistically (ST)
  • Try too hard to control the world (SJ)
  • Act too recklessly and in a frenzied, hulk-like manner (ES)
  • Push others too hard, be unswayed by criticism (EJ)
  • Get more physical and violent (ET)

If you feel like you’re done here, you can proceed to part two, where we talk about worldviews and how you see the world that you are a part of. 


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