Men Are Rats, Women Are Mice – 5 Problems With Modern Dating

The problem with modern dating is that both men and women have become cowards. Let’s talk about the modern culture of dating, the problem with a decreasingly sexual society, and the issue of fear in relationships. Are men rats and women mice today?

In this video:

00:00 Intro
00:15 Fear of Intimacy
00:45 Rat & Mouse Dating
01:10 Fear to express interest
02:10 Comfort Zone Dating
03:50 Fear of attraction
05:10 Fear of Touch
06:40 Eye contact
07:20 Conventional vs Personal Attraction
08:15 Is Dating Harder For Men Or Women?

This is my take on the problem of dating. Are men not manly enough today? Why is it hard to have long-term relationships? How can we maintain interest in a long-term partner? Why Is Tinder and Online Dating so hard? Is Dating Unfair For Men? Is there a friendzone?

#sexuality #relationships #dating

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