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The Magic Behind Your Mind

Every function has its hidden logic and its hidden answers. There may be an answer to any and all questions of how the human mind works. But sometimes it’s hard not to call it magic. So here it is: the magic behind your mind. Take a moment to read about your mind and your hidden ability and to reflect on how strange and absurd the human mind is. There is so much we don’t yet know about you and how you work. Will we ever be able to replicate these processes in artificial intelligence? Or is biology really magic, something that will never have a technical alternative?
The magic behind your mind

The Scouts: Sensory Extroverts (ESXX)

logomakr_7cftjuHow does the mind arrange all the information we see around us? Our eyes, our ears, and our senses can only give us a projection of how the world works. What we see is not the real world, but our mind’s encoding of the real world. Still, somehow this is a highly meaningful depiction of the real world. We can usually make meaningful decisions about the things we see. But how different is this mentally encoded world from the real world? For example, sounds are just vibrations, somehow organized by our ears. This is just a part of the magic behind your mind. No matter how we look at it, the human experience is always going to be at least partially subjective.

The Historians: Sensory Introverts (ISXX)

logomakr_4j48kpHow does the mind memorize and store all the information we see and encounter? What do we choose to remember and what do we choose to forget? When a Historian reflects on a past experience, how do they decide what information they want to store, and how do they pick which information to forget? It appears in general, they store information that is strong, apparent, and recurring. But how are these types actually able to remember in such rich detail as they do? And how can they keep so much information in their minds? Think about this: the human mind is only a little egg-shaped box, but yet it can produce images and memories inside us as big as Mount Everest.

The Detectives: Intuitive Extroverts (ENXX)

logomakr_3jq0beDetectives are always instantly filling in the blanks. What word did the other person mean to say, without saying it? And what action came before the action I saw just now? What will a person do after they’ve done this or that? The ability to read in and find the best-fit answer to every unanswered question is certainly mysterious. Is it just logic? Or is it some kind of connection to the collective consciousness? Is it mind reading, or is it just your mind deciding what it wants to be true, and what it wants to be false? Then how come the detectives are often able to correctly solve so many questions?

The Philosophers: Intuitive Introverts (INXX)

logomakr_5paja3Philosophers are always theorizing on what they don’t know. When they’re reflecting on something, they always have a guess about what is missing. They think, and rethink, and rethink, questioning their entire experience. How is it that an intuitive introvert is so good at guessing about and predicting long-term events? How come such a subjective process is able to produce actually meaningful information about the world? But humans have developed this ability over a great many thousand years. It clearly has an important use.

The Performers: Feeling Judgers (XXFJ)

logomakr_75hkyhPerformer types are always acting in relation to inner goals and values. Even in a completely meaningless world, a performer is able to find something they find meaningful. They are always able to see something important or valuable. And they are highly able to push for and stand up for this value, even when nobody else cares. What is it that gives them this power to always find meaning in the most difficult of times? And where does this higher cause, value, or belief system come from? How can Martin Luther King stand up and preach peace in times of so much hate and conflict?

The Reporters: Feeling Perceivers (XXFP)

logomakr_1qnxhcReporter types are always able to see beauty and value in everyone and everything they hear. Somehow, whatever you say, they will find an intention, a desire, or a goal in it. And when they let you know what they see, it’s like, wow, how did they know this? Reporters have this magical ability to read others. And we may not want to admit it, but they’re usually right. But how are they able to be so right?!

The Architects: Thinking Judgers (XXTJ)

logomakr_6vvkhsArchitects are always able to make sense of the most crazy, chaotic, and nonsensical situations. They’re always able to find some kind of rule or system in everything they observe. How is it that even in the most random, crazy situations, an architect will always seemingly act as if they know exactly how it works? Do they actually know? They must, because they’re usually right. And they would never act if they didn’t think they had evidence of some higher logic.

The Hackers: Thinking Perceivers (XXTP)

logomakr_0ykz95Hackers are always able to analyze everything. Anyone and everyone they meet is just a set of codes and gears turning, and the hacker is somehow able to see this finer, code-based level behind you. When something goes wrong, hackers are usually the first to know why and how to fix it. But their ability to see this code-level reality where everything is numbers and figures is more than fascinating. How does this process really work and what is it they really do?

The magic behind your mind

We unlocked some of these answers about the types by studying the neuroscience behind all the types. And we studied the networks researched in neuroscience and found connections to the different sixteen types. We are now writing it all down in the Hero’s handbook. You can get the first excerpt today.


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