Neuroscience: The Key To Your Personality Type

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Neojungian Academy is going to redefine personality psychology from firm, strict ideas of personality types. Our goal is to map out your primary interests and motivations. By studying neuroscience and psychology we create new definitions of introversion, extroversion, thinking, and feeling. We help map out your preferences and we show you what networks in the brain you use the most.
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The Key To Free Will
Early next year, I plan to release a book, the key to free will and consciousness. The book discusses our unique method of understanding people and human behavior. It discusses eight of the networks found in neuroscience and how they impact your life and well-being.
Consider it a philosophy book, discussing free will, personality, and human cognition. This is meant to be an unique book, different from any you’ve ever read before. It’s the book that dives into the fascinating secrets of the mind. It talks about the human mind, happiness, virtue, and the idea of personality types. It’s scientific, but also speculative, it’s fun, and it’s engaging.
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Rohan Sharan
6 years ago

looking forward to the release of the book! I think it is going to be great..keep on going!

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