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Is Benedict Cumberbatch an INFJ or INTP?

Benedict Cumberbatch MBTI Type. The online community is torn about the personality type of this Sherlock Holmes celebrity. I see some type him as an INTP, while other people think Benedict Cumberbatch is an INFJ. Many people doubt whether they are INTPs or INFJs, so I made a nice test to help you find out which type you are.

Benedict Cumberbatch is an incredibly talented voice actor and technical actor who often portrays cold, rational characters, known for their intellect. The actor behind Sherlock Holmes is however, a fun and quirky individual always close to a laugh. Cast your vote and see how other people type this celebrity!

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Benedict Cumberbatch INFJ

Those that argue that Benedict Cumberbatch is an INFJ tend to say that his thought process on a cognitive level relies heavily on two functions. Introverted iNtuition and Introverted Thinking. The idea of a mind palace, they argue, is an INFJ concept. It requires highly conceptual thinking using intuition, and also meticulous, precise and rational organisation, as well as high focus.

Benedict Cumberbatch INTP

Those that argue that Benedict Cumberbatch is an INTP tend to focus on his personality characteristics. They say that Benedict Cumberbatch is a Thinking dominant who favours logic above anything else. Benedict rarely plays a role where he has to focus on a specific quest, instead he lives roles that act on a day to day basis, purely in the pursuit of resolving cases or mysteries. The core drive of Benedict Cumberbatch is to learn. We see that Benedict is a person of many talents who can play varied and diverse roles, from detectives, to doctors, to dragons. He is also highly creative, and able to think of or entertain any possibility.

I believe that Benedict Cumberbatch himself is an INTP. We must separate between the act he plays and the person beneath it. Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character with superhuman abilities – including the ability to wield multiple functions in one. The actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, is a human and an INTP. We can see that Benedict is an INTP in the following traits.

  • * Personal identity is more important than tribe responsibility. Introverted Perceiving types tend to be more focused on their own identity and role than on taking responsibility for the tribe. INFJs are not introverts, but ambiverts who are constantly focused on maintaining the happiness and well being of the group.
  • * Logic is not just a tool, but a value in itself. INFJs rely on logic in order to help other people, INTPs not only rely on logic, but pursue skill, excellence and perfection as the goal of their logic.
  • * Innovation goes above Idealism. Benedict is more of an innovator who seeks to push the limits of acting, moviemaking and tv shows and who wants to shine with his talents. An INFJ idealist is more focused on the cause and humanitarian matters.

Benedict Cumberbatch MBTI

What did you type Benedict Cumberbatch as and why?

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