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INTJ or INTP? The two introverted NTs may share a similarly intellectual nature, but after that, the differences begin.

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How INTJs and INTPs respond on my personality test

INTJ vs INTP Introversion

Internal decision makers vs internal perceivers

INTJs rely primarily on visualisation to develop and elaborate on a particular idea or concept. INTPs rely on a process of self-analysis and self-evaluation to determine pro’s and con’s. This creates two different styles of introversion.

The INTJs tend to be visionaries and hard-headed idealists. The INTPs tend to be data driven logicians. They need information and evidence to back up their assumptions.

INTJ vs INTP Extroversion

INTPs demonstrate an extroverted iNtuitive and curious “desire to learn” and “figure things out.”. This curiosity can draw them out into the world, as they can jump at opportunities in life if there is a chance to learn from it.

They also demonstrate extroversion in that they can be social when necessary. With age and maturity, they can develop a natural, faint charisma and humor to help them connect with the tribe. This is a charisma that is largely absent in the INTJ, who tends to use a more abrasive and direct style.

The INTJ is not afraid to make enemies and will push for a goal even if it will get them in trouble with other people. INTJs are also more comfortable standing on the stage or being out in the heat of battle.

They will draw more attention to themselves and their ideas and are better at getting attention from others. What you will see is they are naturally seeking attention – and tend to want to be the center of the group.

INTJ vs INTP Intuition

These two types are both iNtuitives and both share a hobby for understanding theories. They enjoy relying on abstract mental models to understand life. What you will find however is that the INTJs mind is a one-man-show, an elaborate landscape, a grand theory, a final perfect design or concept.

The INTJ is a one-size-fits all creative type that will specialise in one intellectual topic. The INTP is a jack-of-all-ideas, a smörgåsbord of various thoughts and creative whims. The INTP will readily switch between different perspectives, often changing their mind mid sentence.

INTJ vs INTP Sensing

The INTP will want to prove every point or connection they make. They seek data and evidence for every idea, no matter how crazy. They will run tests on different possibilities and gather and organise the data to make sure it adds up.

The INTJ will have a grand vision they are seeking to implement in the real world. They will use any method possible to achieve their idea. They will think strategically about how to make the world abide by their theoretical framework. The INTJ is out to prove that they have figured something out. The INTP is out to test and figure out different potential models for how the world could work.

INTJ vs INTP Feeling

INTPs will often neglect their feeling side, as they tend to see it as an inconvenience. They use hard logic to try to resolve their emotional struggles and are always working on figuring themselves out, and improving themselves.

Their hope is that by bettering themselves, they will overcome any more irrational problems they are facing in life. Relationships tend to go on the back-burner for this type, as the feeling is there is no time to deal with these matters.

INTJs have a “my way or the highway” relationship to their feelings. They want to be true to themselves and their individuality and struggle to compromise with the tribe. They can be aggressive about what they want and struggle to consider other people in what they do.

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Which personality type are you?

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