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INTJ Enneagram 1 – The Chess Master

THE CHESS MASTER. What I see in the INTJ Enneagram 1 type is a desire towards intellectual mastery. The INTJ Enneagram 1 Chess master seeks to polish their mind in one abstract feat. You are growing to become the best person suited to an advanced field. You are devoted to the mastery of an art form, you are the aspiring master composer, the potential dream director, or a prodigy in the english language, understanding and all its deeper intricacies.

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The Chess Master

The primary goal of the INTJ Enneagram 1 is the same as that of any dominant intuitive, to first learn, but Thinking drives this INTJ to want to apply their information to the advancement of their field. You want not just to see how things work but also to innovate in the world using your higher knowledge.

Enneagram 1 drives you to understand flaws and inconsistencies in ideas and gaps in your understanding. You are highly aware of how flawed your execution is. You can see how things are supposed to be and can find frustration in knowing that you are not good enough, not talented enough, to realise the full extent of your vision. Here, you may get lost in everything you lack. You realise that you are ignorant of many things and that you don’t understand everything. At times you will feel that you are too weak, not intelligent enough, to achieve what you dream. The INTJ Enneagram 1 wing 9 struggles with inner conflict and self-doubt. The INTJ Enneagram 1 wing 2 is more worried that they will fail other people.

This frustration can at best lead you to keep practising, keep pushing yourself, but it can also make you ask yourself what the point is. Why am I doing this, if I am inevitably going to fail? The Enneagram 1 causes you to lack compassion at times, visibly towards others, but most of all towards yourself. There is no acceptance of weakness or failure. There is only a harsh, cold judgement.

INTJ Enneagram 1 – Achieving mastery

At your best, you are able to find relief in day to day advancements and improvements. You see your own progress and you rejoice in your ability to learn and better yourself. The INTJ Enneagram type 1 will see the journey, not just the destination, and your vision is not just a vision of a future far away, but an unfolding event that is happening in this very moment. You are lead forward by the force of your own intellect and your potential. It no longer feels like a potential future, it feels like the only path forward.

Nothing can hold you back from eventually figuring out all the mysteries of your field. You are no longer distracted by gaps in your knowledge, you are not spread too thin. You allow yourself to fully embody your purpose and to become exactly what you were meant to be – nothing more, nothing less. This means you can forgive yourself for being ignorant about certain events and ongoings in the world, while you can rejoice in knowing that you are the best where you are meant to be the best.

As an INTJ Enneagram type 1, you are on the path to higher knowledge and awareness. As long as you can trust in your mind. If you can’t trust your head, and your higher judgement, the world will miss out on your potential, and there will be one less star in the sky.

INTJ Enneagram 1 wing 9 and INTJ Enneagram 1 wing 2

There are some differences depending on if you are an INTJ Enneagram 1 wing 9 or INTJ Enneagram 1 wing 2. Mainly, the 1 wing 9 is more inwards-oriented, and less interested in proving themselves to other people. The INTJ Enneagram 1 wing 2 is more focused on developing skills and talents that are useful to the tribe.

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