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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

INFP Rain Mode – INFPs Find Joy In Depth

INFP RAIN MODE. When you are in flow as an INFP, you feel as if you are being cleansed by the falling drops of the rain. Thoughts and perspectives wash over you in steady drops. You feel purified and relieved as you let go of the old and open yourself for the new. When you are in a INFP Rain Mode, you awaken fully to the joy of being deep. While many perceive the rain as something sad, dark, and depressing, INFPs don’t see it that way.

To you, deep thought is not the result of heavy trauma or negative feelings. As an INFP, you love every discovery, every piece of insight. You find the rain something refreshing and inspiring. Existential thought is the cure, not the problem. The INFP Rain Mode is a state in which you resolve negativity and recharge your batteries as an INFP.

How To Enter The INFP Rain Mode

If you feel stressed, tense, or blocked, it can be hard to enter into the INFP rain mode. Work-related stress, constant and toxic social media presence, and negative experiences can trap you and root you to the earthy world of sensation. As an INFP, you will benefit from activities that are introverted, intuitive, feeling and perceiving in their nature.

Try Headspace Meditation to clear your mind and feel more zen. Walks in nature, cancelling social appointments, and taking time to do things for yourself and by yourself are also helpful.

Invest time in non-profit work, for example in animal rights, human rights work, or charity in order to reconnect with your purpose and your values. This will help you connect with your feeling.

Go on social media timeouts and avoid clutter in your environment. Pursue intellectual stimulation by learning a new skill or researching your favourite hobby or interest. This will help you connect with your iNtuition.

Read fantasy, fiction or science fiction to stimulate your imagination. I recommend Brandon Sanderson’s Way Of Kings or Christopher Paolini’s latest To Sleep In A Sea Of Stars or something short and sweet like Becky Chambers Wayfarers Trilogy to start out.

These activities or combinations of these activities can help you more easily free yourself from blocks so that you can enter into the INFP Rain Mode.

Understanding the INFP Rain Mode

The slow falling of the rain is symbolic for the millions of small ideas and the many nuanced experiences and thoughts you experience during the INFP rain mode. The INFP rain mode is a state of high creativity, as it tends to drive an intense need towards self-expression. Keep a pen and paper or even crayons or color around so that you can put your thoughts and experiences to words, art, or music. Work without intellectual constraints. Allow yourself to write or do whatever feels right to you. Do not rush the creative process and do not push yourself to write on a deadline.

Turn off and minimize distractions during the INFP rain mode, as this can break you out of your flow. Listen to music that will inspire you in some way. Consider watching vlogs or listening to other people who share personal experiences, feelings and emotions. Preferably people that you can relate to in some way, that talk about some profound existential dilemma or an emotional struggle that means something to you. Use your sensitivity to your advantage and allow yourself to have profound experiences even to small subtle word choices or hidden meanings in how something is said or done. Practice vulnerability and honesty and letting yourself express and lay your feelings out in judgement free zones.

Misconceptions about the INFP Rain Mode

It is common for friends and family members to misunderstand the INFP rain mode. They may think that the pensive, sensitive nature you have as an INFP is a result of sadness, trauma, or depression. They may tell you that you need to go out more, be more social, and more confident and aggressive. People misunderstand because often, thoughtfulness is nothing sad. Feelings cannot harm you, and being introspective or self-reflective is not the same as being depressed or sad.

For an INFP, existential thought is the cure, not the disease. You feel better after the rain mode. You feel recharged. Zen. Harmonious. It gets easier to breathe and to live and take action. There is a feeling of clarity, of understanding what you need to do. You feel more connected to the world and to your goals after deep reflection and self-discovery.

So when people tell you to not be so sensitive, tell them that you take joy in being able to feel things in deep and rich nuance. It makes you feel better that you can withdraw and enjoy solitude. You feel recharged from reading and daydreaming. You come up with great ideas and you create wonderful things during the INFP rain mode.

What is the INFP Rain Mode To You?

How do you experience the INFP rain mode and what does it mean to be thoughtful and to daydream?


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