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INFP Lookalikes

What 5 personality types look and act the most like INFPs? Watch the video here The Five INFP […]
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What 5 personality types look and act the most like INFPs?

Watch the video here

The Five INFP Lookalikes

5 INFP Lookalikes, which personality types look the most like infps, do enfps and infps look alike?

Are INFPs and ENFJs lookalikes?

Yes, they have a lot of shared interests and values.

Are INFPs and ISFPs lookalikes?

Yes, but INFPs are more introverted and intuitive, and ISFPs are more Feeling.

Are INFPs and ESFJs lookalikes?

Yes, but ESFJs are more passionate and driven, and INFPs are more careful and methodical.

Are INFPs and ENFPs lookalikes?

Yes, but ENFPs are a lot more iNtuitive and INFPs a lot more Feeling.

Are INFPs and INFJs lookalikes?

Yes, but INFPs are a lot more adaptable and individualistic.

What personality types do you relate to and connect with the most as an INFP?

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4 comments on “INFP Lookalikes”

  1. The intuition/sensing thing is just for marketing.
    The intuitive should be intuitives
    The feeling should be feelers.
    not that isfp is a sensor and infp is an intuitive otherwise
    etc etc

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