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INFP Enneagram 4 "The Unrealist" Explained

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Discover the Enneagram type 4 INFP. What makes an INFP 4 enneagram different from other INFPs? Confidence, and an outright refusal to be a square peg in the system. The Unrealist is a type that has its own unique perspective on the world. Your struggle is to fit in.

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INFP Enneagram 4 Explained

Typically, I know INFP Type Fours to be highly confident in themselves and their own identity. Instead of questioning themselves and wrestling self-doubt, this type chooses to act with integrity in themselves and their own beliefs. The Enneagram 4 INFP trusts in themselves but does not trust in the world.

When unhealthy, this personality type feels rejected by the world. There is no place for someone who is as special as me. I am too different to fit in anywhere. I am quirky, I think about the world in unusual ways, nobody else understands me. At worst, the infp 4 enneagram types can even feel persecuted by the system. Most commonly, the INFP "Unrealist" will stress over Extroverted Thinking.

There is this feeling that my unique identity, my purpose, my values, are too impractical and not tolerated in the current system. There is no job that will allow you to do what you truly love. Your boss, parents, teachers do not accept you for who you are. This is the challenge of the Enneagram 4. How can I fit in and become a part of the world without losing myself?

The INFP 'Unrealist'

A problem for the INFP Unrealist is a struggle with compromise. Even small attempts to adjust and fit in with the world can feel difficult for this type, because it feels like going against your basic intent and purpose. Friends and family members can struggle with this. Why is it so difficult for this type to make even small sacrifices if it could help them become more successful?

There is a good explanation for this. As an INFP Enneagram 4, your identity is simply more important than your success. You are prepared to let go of and avoid financial concerns, practical matters, and possibilities for a promotion or to advance in the system so that you can remain true to yourself.

But it is important that you remember something here. You are someone special, someone with unique talents, and you possess a rich way of seeing the world. It is not just that society should accept or tolerate you. You could contribute to the world no matter where you go and what you do. You are needed and you add to the richness of the world. If you are not able to find comfort in the world, the world will miss out on hearing your deeper ideas and insights. This is important to remember.

The Healthy Enneagram 4 INFP

Confidence in yourself is not enough to find happiness and to thrive in the world. If you rely purely on confidence, but can't trust that you are wanted in the world, or that there are exciting discoveries to be made out there, your confidence will soon start to feel hollow. You must balance your confidence with esteem and a sense of self-worth. You are not only going to be unforgivingly yourself, you are also going to practice daily self-love.

The healthy enneagram 4 INFP is going to speak with kindness. In health, you accept and love your own quirks, and this love is going to extend outside yourself. If you are worthy of love because of what makes you special, so are other people. There is no need for jealousy of those who have made it in the world, or of those that appear more normal. They are worthy because they are, just as you are worthy because you are.

Just like the INFP 4 Enneagram has a thirst to self-discovery, they have a drive to discover who they can be in the world. Naturally, a unique substance will give a different reflection depending on what environment they are in. Don't be afraid to discover the world and to see who you are when you travel, take on new opportunities, and start up new projects. A healthy INFP is a growing INFP. Your identity is not something static, it is something that will grow with every new experience you have.

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INFP Enneagram 4 "The Unrealist" Explained

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