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What is the INFP Big 5

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How does the average INFP score on the Big Five/OCEAN?

INFP Big Five scores at erikthor.com

How does the INFP Big Five compare to the average person?

INTPs are less outgoing, score higher on openness, are less agreeable, less conscientious, and more neurotic than the average person.

Are INFPs Reserved or shy?

Yes, most INFPs are either reserved or at least shy in social settings.

Do INFPs have high openness?

Yes, most INFPs score above average on openness.

Are INFPs agreeable?

No, INFPs do not score high on agreeableness.

Are INFPs conscientious?

INFPs have a low to average score on conscientiousness.

Are INFPs neurotic?

Based on my personality test surveys, INFPs score higher on neuroticism than the average person.

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What is the INFP Big 5

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