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INFJ Relationships | The INFJ In Love | INFJ Dating

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The INFJ Personality Type is known to struggle in love and relationships. One reason for this is the INFJs chameleon like tendency to adjust themselves to fit the needs of the people around them. Many INFJs find it hard to vocalise their own needs and can end up forming one-sided relationships. Many INFJs say they struggle with feeling misunderstood by their partners. So what can an INFJ do to form positive, mutually beneficial partnerships? Let us talk about INFJ relationships and the INFJ in love.

Firstly, do you often find yourself attracting selfish partners?

Secondly, do you find it hard to get a partner that respects your need for alone time and space?

Lastly, do you often find yourself spending all your time focused on making your partner happy, only to later end up doorslamming and cutting them out of your life?

These are all common problem for the INFJ Personality Type. So what can you do as an INFJ in love and how can you form healthy relationships? What do INFJ find attractive? And what are the INFJ best matches?

INFJ Relationships

The most common questions I get are about what the best matches are for an INFJ, what INFJ find attractive, and what INFJ need to be happy in love.

Finding a good partner who allows you space to be yourself, and someone that can approach you with empathy, curiosity, and intelligence is key. An ENFP is an example of one good match for an INFJ.

What is the best match for an INFJ?

The most common partnerships for INFJ tend to be, in no specific order, the INFJ ENFP Relationship, the INFJ ENTP Relationship, the INFJ INFJ Relationship and the INFJ INTJ Relationship. Notice that INFJs primarily tend to seek iNtuitive partners as only these types tend to be able to follow the INFJs intellectual and abstract thought process. But any match can work, as long as they are able to respect and understand you.

What do INFJ find attractive?

As an INFJ, I am attracted to people that ask curious questions that get my mind spinning. I am attracted to people that demonstrate high empathy and compassion for other people. I am attracted to people with open minds – people that think outside the box. As an INFJ, I find it attractive when people have a high will power, enthusiasm and the ability to make ideas come to life in the real world.

What do INFJ need in love?

As a partner of an INFJ, you need to be able to see the real INFJ, not just the identity or mask that they often present to other people. INFJ need to feel seen and heard for who they are. Listen to the INFJs ideas and give them space and time to explain their thought process. INFJ need alone time and time to engage in individual creative activities.

INFJ Relationships

It can help as an INFJ to determine for yourself what you need in relationships in order to feel happy.

1. The INFJ ENFP Relationship

What is the INFJ ENFP Relationship like?

ENFP are the most gifted type when it comes to challenging the INFJ to be authentic and open with their ideas. ENFPs tend to ask fascinating questions, and can poke at the INFJ and what the INFJ says, giving the INFJ space to open up and be honest and real. INFJ provide a gentle and accepting space for the ENFP Personality Type, making the ENFP feel that they can speak freely and without judgement. INFJ can also provide wisdom and guidance to ENFPs, helping the ENFP make the right decisions.

INFJ ENFP Challenges

The ENFP can come off as fickle to the INFJ, as the ENFP may sometimes jump from project to project, losing enthusiasm for an idea as quickly as they got it. ENFPs may sometimes struggle to respect the INFJ need for alone time. As an INFJ, it can be hard to adjust to the ENFPs new ideas and to open up to the possibilities presented to them. INFJs can be too dismissive of ENFPs.

2. The INFJ ENTP Relationship

What is the INFJ ENTP Relationship like?

ENTP tend to provide INFJs with the most intellectual stimulation of any type, as the ENTP has a similar ability to consider any idea or possibility to the INFJ. ENTPs and INFJs can spend endlessly long hours discussing possibilities and what-ifs. It is easy for an INFJ to have fun around an ENTP, as they always keep life interesting and always have something interesting on their mind. ENTPs are the most open to listen to the INFJs ideas of all personality types.

INFJ ENTP Challenges

There can be a challenge for these types to come to a mutual agreement on goals, life plans and decisions. Often, these two types can have an argumentative dynamic where ideas are endlessly picked apart without any real conclusion. Both types may also mince words, and find it hard to be real and emotionally vulnerable with each other. There can be a tendency for both partners to be too focused on each others needs, forgetting their own.

3. The INFJ INFJ Relationship

What is the INFJ INFJ Relationship like?

Another INFJ can provide you the understanding and acceptance you have long sought in a partner. No other personality type will make you feel as understood and seen. It is easy to find a balance around another INFJ, as you both tend to form a shared space of harmony, peace and existential bliss.

INFJ INFJ Challenges

You may struggle with the issues and problems of your INFJ partner, and it can be annoying to deal with someone that is so similar to yourself. At times, it can be annoying to have a partner that is so adept at reading your mind, and it can feel impossible to hide anything from your partner. Negative tendencies tend to become magnified in this matchup, as you end up with a partner that gives you space to be fully yourself, for good, and bad…

4. The INFJ INTJ Relationship

What is the INFJ INTJ Relationship like?

An INTJ can provide another guiding figure in your life, and you both tend to serve the role as each others guides. The INFJ acting as the translator for the INTJ, and the INTJ acting as the strategist, helping the INFJ find the right way forward. This allows you to both work well together on mutual projects. The INTJ is good at teaching the INFJ to set boundaries for themselves, helping the INFJ know it is okay to say no and speak out for yourself. The INTJ can learn patience and forgiveness from the INFJ.

INFJ INTJ Challenges

The INTJ can find it hard to make space for the INFJ to be vulnerable and open with themselves. INTJ can find it hard to deal with the INFJs more diplomatic tendencies to turn the other cheek in all situations. It can feel as an INTJ that you are not able to be aggressive or angry around an INFJ. Finally, it can feel as an INFJ that you cannot share or be vulnerable about mistakes you have made or problems that you are facing.

What do you believe is the best match for an INFJ?


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