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How To Be An Outgoing Introvert

Many introverts find social situations difficult. But there are some that have found a magic strategy that allows them to be both outgoing and introverted at the same time.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to be social, but, at the same time, felt drained and exhausted by all the people around you? You’re not alone! It’s possible to be an outgoing introvert – someone who enjoys being around others but also values their own need for solitude. Why is it so hard to be an outgoing introvert?

At its core, it’s a matter of energy. We all recharge our energy levels by spending time alone and away from people; on the other hand, we can only effectively use this energy when engaging with the outer world in some manner. We, therefore, have to learn to translate the inner world into outer action. This can make it difficult for an introvert to find the right balance between connecting with others and taking time for themselves.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way! There are strategies that introverts can use to confidently be outgoing while taking care of their own needs for alone time. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks for being an outgoing introvert!

The INFJ Who Found It Hard To Be Outgoing

She was an INFJ, often feeling overwhelmed by people and the bustling world around her. She had high expectations of herself as well as others, leading to perfectionistic tendencies that left her feeling drained and exhausted.

At times she would retreat into solitude – a safe haven for her to recover and find peace. But eventually, she realized that this could not be sustained long-term, nor did it give her the fulfillment or connection she desired from life.

So, with gentle resolve and renewed hope, she began small steps in learning how to cope better with being surrounded by people and the hustle of everyday life. She started by challenging herself to lower her expectations; understanding that it was okay to have unfinished projects, to be imperfect and to just be in the present moment without having everything ‘figured out’.

The more she practiced this, the easier it became for her to find joy and beauty even in small, incomplete everyday experiences. This made it significantly easier for her to enjoy social situations as well – instead of feeling overwhelmed by them, she welcomed them with a warm heart as opportunities to connect and nurture her relationships.

How To Be An Outgoing Introvert

One of the most important steps is to become aware of your own needs and expectations. Becoming an outgoing introvert often starts by becoming more accepting of yourself – that includes lowering your own high expectations. Becoming comfortable with imperfection is key, as it allows you to take pleasure in small moments, rather than striving for perfection at all times.

Another effective strategy is to find ways to ground yourself in social situations. This could mean anything from taking deep breaths, visualizing a safe place or just simply paying attention to how you’re feeling in the moment. Becoming present and mindful can help you stay connected with yourself, even when surrounded by other people.

Being an outgoing introvert doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little bit of practice and self-care, you can easily find the balance between spending time with others and taking care of yourself. Becoming an outgoing introvert will help you find joy in everyday experiences, while still allowing you to take time for yourself.


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