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How The 16 Personalities Put Together IKEA Furniture

Do you enjoy putting together furniture? Learn how your personality type experiences this magical occasion!


Didn’t want to look up the instructions. Tried to look at the tools and pieces and come up with their own way to put it all together based on how they thought it might work in their head. Came up with their own abstract principles for how it should be set up to simplify the process. Took a long time to get started on the project, or never started on it.


Thought of a few different ways they could set it up. Didn’t want to follow the rules and instructions. Had a discussion back and forth on different ways it might be set up. Took a while to get started and cut corners. Tried several different approaches until they eventually found the right one. If they had already done it before, they’d reluctantly follow the ISTJ or ISFJ approach, but would find it boring. They might try to change it up or just do it differently just for the hell of it.


Immediately got to work and started putting things in as they might work. Looked at the parts and determined which might fit best where. Used trial and error and experimentation. Didn’t want to think about it too much and just wanted to get started. Didn’t want to be told what to do. 


Followed a common sense approach, relying on their past experience and how they’d done things previously. If they had no previous information, they’d reluctantly follow the ENFP or ENTPs approach. 


Wanted to follow a precise set of logical principles or instructions to put it together. Needed to find the most optimal and efficient way to do it. Either decided to do it right away or never did it. Got annoyed if the instructions were poorly described. Took an overly deliberate and careful way to make sure they did everything correctly. 


Wanted to put it together faster than anyone else, so they skimmed the instructions and followed the necessary steps, ignoring the unnecessary ones (that screw doesn’t seem necessary, I’m sure the chair will hold up anyways!) May have accidentally broken it in the process because they were too rough with things. 


Took a qualitative approach, making sure that their table completely matched the image on the IKEA website, and finding the right place to put it. Didn’t want to make any mistakes in the process and so were overly precise on making sure they followed each step correctly. Didn’t want to get criticized by the INTP or ISTP, so tried their best to do it in a way they would approve of.


Wanted to do everything the right way, and started overthinking the instructions. Saw multiple ways to interpret the instructions and got confused on which was the right one. Used a careful and conscientious approach to put it together and worried that they would break it or do something. Didn’t screw in the screws tightly enough.


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