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How much do I work?

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Someone recently asked how much time I spend on this and what my time usually is spent the most on.
I would say I work about 50 hours a week on this. A normal schedule for me:
06.30 Wakeup & breakfast & coffee
07.00 Scroll through e-mails and comments casually
08.00 Start work
10.00 Break outside with more coffee!
10.30 Article writing / Research / Profiling / Create tests / Technical maintenance
12.00 Lunch
12.30 Preparation
13.00 Coaching session
13.45 Grocery shopping & walk outside
15.00 Record video
16.00 Post video editing & publishing
17.00 Cleaning & Cook dinner
18.00 Dinner / Head out to town
Then we usually watch netflix, tv-shows, reality TV. Read books, play Nintendo DS, games. When we go out, it’s usually to a nice restaurant or to the movies. We often go see movies at the cinema.
I work some evenings, and I do livestreams once a week, usually between 18.00-20.00, depending on when my girlfriend is out and about. Then I have dinner a little earlier. 
I also work weekends, usually for about 2-4 hours in total. But this kind of community work takes a long time to manage. It’s hard to set work down and do something else, it’s easy for me to think of ideas pretty much all the time, whatever I’m doing. 


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