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Extroverted feeling and extroverted thinking

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Extroverted feeling and extroverted thinking can be described as two strong and direct forms of influence. Both are executive functions. They put goals into practice. These types make projects happen. They put teams together. And they get people to cooperate to a goal. And when necessary, they get rid of people and obstacles in their way. I used to describe them as fighters – but today, these types have much more friendly and healthy ways of dealing with clashes of interests.
Extroverted feeling and extroverted thinking types have this spirit of being comfortable putting their own values against others. Clashes of interests, discussions, arguments, fights. In the past, it often took more violent forms, but today, it happens in more friendly settings, in court cases, through legal means. Or it happens through social means, bad press, or competition.
But you’ll see the Performers and the Architects both pursuing battle and pushing for certain interests and values. Both types can be described as having a small fascination with conflict – debate – competitions or physical fights. They get a kick from it. But they pursue it for different reasons.

extroverted feeling and extroverted thinking
Many involved with MMA and other forms of combat are often EXXJs.

The Performer – Extroverted Feeling (EXFJ)

Extroverted feeling is a function that more easily connects you to and makes you relax around other people, and it’s associated with cognitive functions that revolve around engaging and having an impact on other peoples values and perspectives.
Positive: Warm like a fire – brings people together – creates a space where people can share
Negative: A hotheaded volcano outbreak, puts people against each other – melodramatic

  • More optimistic
  • Warm and friendly
  • Chitchatter
  • Diplomat-mode
  • Informal
  • More smooth

Recognized by their relaxing and warm laugh, performers are more interested with how they are seen and how they impact the people around them. When more immature, they can be addicted to being admired. When more mature, they are very involved with helping and having a positive influence on others. They are the most likely to sound extremely passionate about something seemingly trivial to others. They paint what they say in alot of color and metaphores and are very expressive.
EXFJs are very aware of diplomacy and social relationships. It’s not uncommon for EXFJs to actively think about who they want to befriend and how to get to know a person better. Often, they reflect and think alot about relationships in advance. They also think alot about how others may or may not see them and how they can adjust to be seen more positively. Overall, they are also more direct and open with their emotions early in meeting someone. Their emotions can however change quickly, and they can be potentially the most nice, as well as potentially the most hotheaded personality types you encounter.
A key part of being an EXFJ is wanting to have an influence even on strangers and people you have no relation to. EXFJs form quick (though shallow in the start) relations to people just by passing them by on the street. Overall, EXFJs tend to view everyone more positively than EXTJs, but they are also more prone to ungrounded ideas about others, for example stereotypes.

The Architect – Extroverted Thinking (EXTJ)

Extroverted thinking is associated with an instinct that makes them more tough and tense around others, and it’s associated with cognitive functions that make you more interested in controlling and organizing your environment.
Positive: Soothing like a wind – makes people more comfortable – gets people to stand tall
Negative: A fierce hurricane – “get out of my way or i will push you” – aggressive

  • More realistic
  • Assertive and confident
  • Down to business
  • Lawyer-mode
  • Formal
  • More rough

EXTJs, recognized by their assertive and confident aura, show a very strong spirit. They strike you as confident and capable. People often describe them as confident and inspiring. They appear tough and like people you should’t pick a fight with carelessly. When more immature, they can be overly concerned with power, tit-for-tat, and their status. But when more mature, they lift everyone around them up. Generally, when they talk, they are more factual, and dry. But they inspire you to listen by being very assertive and pressing and direct.
EXTJs are more direct in relationships. They start off slightly cold and apathic to new people, or they judge them carefully, studying their ability, style, ambitions. Sometimes this can manifest as being a little paranoid, but when healthy, the EXTJs are actually very good at maintaining relations and keeping up a team spirit. They create formal gatherings and settings where people can hang out and they organize fun events and occasions for people to bond and have fun together. It’s interesting that they often use games and fun activities to act as a social mediator when getting to know others.
A key part of being an EXTJ is to want to be successful and capable. The thought of failing or being unable to do something frustrates them. They want to take matters into their own hands and dislike being told they “can’t do something.” – they often grow up wanting to show people that, yes, hell yes, I can do whatever I want, just you see! So a part of being an EXTJ is butting heads with people, and being confident enough to stand up for your own path and interests.

Compare & Contrast 

Visually speaking, EXFJs look more caring, warm, and relaxed around people. EXTJs on the other hand, show a more tense and confident demeanor. Their smile is overall more tense, and so is their laugh. EXTJs often have slightly crazy, but authentic laughs. Overall, extroverted feeling and thinking can be seen in the cheeks and in the voice and how they talk. Besides this, they are also the most likely to get physical and close to other people, sometimes inappropriately so.
They push their voice so that it appears tense, stern, and commanding, but emotions often leak out, and their voice melody breaks a lot. An EXFJ has a more warm, expressive voice, like honey, it’s very reassuring. It’s only when an EXFJ is silent or listening that they can come off as cold.
Extroverted feeling and extroverted thinking can appear similar on the surface, but their motivations and how they look at new people says alot about them. 


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