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Destructive Beliefs Every Type Should Question

In the world of KBT it’s easy to think about just quick behavior changes. But truth is our beliefs reinforce our negative behaviors. There are lots of destructive beliefs out there and they often drive us to act against our best interests. That said, all beliefs have an important cause. You shouldn’t simply “stop” thinking this way. You should ask yourself why you think this way. Everyone should question their own thoughts and mindsets. And you should think long and hard about if it really is true.
It is true that the more negatively you view others, the less positively you allow yourself to act. Beliefs that others are deceitful, treacherous, hostile, or disruptive to you, can control you and how you act. It can keep you from being true to yourself, instead making you overly concerned with survival. These are the destructive beliefs every type should question.

Destructive Beliefs Every Type Should Question

INFP: Nobody really cares about anyone else. Everyone is selfish.
ISFP: I just feel unwanted.
INTP: I just need to think a little more about it before I make a decision
ISTP: Nothing I do will ever be good enough.
ENFJ: People will never love me just the way I am.
ESFJ: Nobody appreciates how much I care for them.
INTJ: My hard work will just be ignored so why work at all?
ENFP: Everyone else is always secretly lying.
ENTP: I could do anything if I tried, but I’m too lazy to try.
INFJ: Nobody will ever understand how I think, so why should I share anything?
ESFP: Why does nobody care about me?
ESTP: People don’t listen to me enough.
ISTJ: Everyone else is secretly out to destroy everything I’ve built.
ISFJ: Nobody values the things I do to protect others.
ENTJ: Everyone else is just out to get me.
ESTJ: It’s just every man for himself in this world.
Can you see how each belief affects the personality types dominant functions? There’s nothing wrong with a negative feeling. All feelings are important. Acknowledge them – but then let them move on.


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