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What Every Type Likes Best About The Holidays

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The holidays are soon upon us. So what are you enjoying the most about the holiday? Are you celebrating the holidays in a way that is fun and recharging for you? Or do you celebrate in a way that just adds stress and pressure on you?

Take a moment to reflect on what you like the most and what you’d rather avoid about the holidays. And read our list below, on what every type enjoys, and what every type finds stressful. Note that something that is stressful for your type can feel temporarily fulfilling for a moment. But try to when possible make the holidays something good and fun for you, your family and friends. The seasons are meant to be enjoyed!

What Each Type Loves About The Holidays

ENFPs: Love finding out what gift everyone gave each others ahead of time, but is stressed by thinking about how to manage money on gifts and prioritizing their shopping.
ENTPs: Enjoy trying out different gift wrapping techniques, but is stressed by meeting and remembering to send messages to family.
INTPs: Doing the maths on how fast santa has to travel to get presents to all the kids. Is stressed by the thought of the festive social interactions.
INFPs: Finding out what everyone’s gifts say about them as a person, stressed by running through all the shopping lists.
INTJs: Thinking about a few good projects or challenges to work on at home. The INTJs get stressed by trying to figure out what everyone else needs from them.
ENTJs: Finding out how you can get as many gifts as possible for as little money as possible. Stressed by having to adjust to others needs.
INFJs: Enjoy thinking about the value or purpose of festive seasons and why it is celebrated and how it should be celebrated in the future. Stressed when they don’t live up to their own ideal.
ENFJs: Appreciate being able to guess what everyone else wants and finding the right gift for every person. The ENFJs are stressed when they think too much about being perfect.
ESTPs: Creating the perfect holiday experience, with the best food, the best gifts, and the most fun party. They are stressed by the thought of having to help others out though.
ESFPs: Meeting the family and learning about what everyone’s been up to. Stressed by following rules and recipes though.
ISTPs: Fixing the broken christmas lights and making sure everything works perfectly. But the ISTPs would rather not have to actually talk to anyone.
ISFPs: Creating all the gifts you give to others, DIY style! The ISFPs are stressed by the thought of all the extra chores, though.
ISTJs: Making sure your usual holiday routine is repeated without any bigger changes. The ISTJs become stressed when having to listen to others, so they prefer to have a newspaper or something else to focus on.
ISFJs: Having a clear role or duty for christmas through which you can help and take care of everyone. Stressed by the small mistakes they make in this role.
ESTJs: Making sure everything happens according to schedule and that you do every chore on the list. Stressed by the thought of having to listen to all your family’s stories.
ESFJs: Seeing so that everyone is happy and well, finding ways to help anyone who’s struggling with anything. Stressed by the thought of having to look perfect for everyone.
And happy holidays to you!


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