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Anyone can achieve a life of flow, and the road to get there requires only a few, simple, but consistent steps. I offer self-discovery programs, online courses, and books to help you get started!

Erik Thor

My name is Erik Thor and I believe we can greatly improve our quality of life and happiness by small changes in our lifestyle. Using insights from world famous psychologists, writers, and philosophers, I offer practical tools you can use to live a happier and better life. I am available for coaching for my Patrons and will help you to, in one hour, gain more self-insight, helping you spot core values and motivations, and to think of ways to use these to live a happier life.

Why Personality Type Is A Spectrum

What I Do

Experience Flow

Flow is a state of self-trust, energy, motivation and confidence. We often assume flow is a random, unexpected state. But actually, there are simple things you can do to experience flow right here, right now. Taking insight from legendary psychologists Carl Jung and Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi, I will teach you the Flow formula and show you how you can experience more flow in your life.

Rediscover Yourself

My online course Self-Discovery 101 draws insight from popular models and research on personality psychology, like the Big Five, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, the Enneagram and the DiSC inventory. These inventories have been used by billions of people across the world to help people gain more self-awareness. I offer you a way to get to know yourself, without boxes or stereotypes, and helping you develop your own unique personality portrait.

Redesign your Life

We often feel that we have little choice over our lives and who we are. We act the way we do because of our emotions, and feel little control over our decisions or what happens to us. Because many feel overwhelmed by the obstacles and issues surrounding their lives, they easily fall into fixed mindsets, where they believe that everything in life is set and decided. But I can show you in simple steps, borrowing from advice from Linda Dweck, the author of Mindset, ways you can experience more power in your life and gain more sense of control, even in chaos.

My products and services

Online courses
Self-Discovery 101

Learn about yourself in a course that mixes theory and practice to show you how you can grow and become your best version of yourself. 

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The Hero Code

Discover the secrets of flow and how you can become more motivated and gain more energy from living a life more true to yourself. 

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Socratic Session

My coaching aims to help you find your own answers to life and to empower you to become more confident in yourself and who you are. Work through personal issues in life and rediscover yourself through a socratic dialogue. 

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Why I’m Doing This

To Break Free From The Auto-Pilot

Too many people live life on autopilot. They simply act or live in the easiest way, putting in minimal effort and energy into work, life, and relationships. They have little motivation or hope or passion. Most likely, they’re living life far away from their true core passions and values. The autopilot is comfortable, but boring. I speak of flow because flow is the alternative. It suggests there’s something out there for you, we all have a purpose and the more we explore, the more we will see the beauty of the world around us.

For Who?

People come to me because they feel perhaps glued to their 9-5 job, but would like more freedom in life. They’d like to travel more. Or perhaps, they’d like to develop a hobby or creative passion in life. Or maybe, you’ve already made the leap, and you’ve started to get yourself set up. But it’s tough. You feel alone in what you do. You don’t know where to start or how to keep the momentum going. You’ve got good days, and you’ve got bad days, and sometimes, it feels impossible to keep going. Many feel that if they are to make it in their passion, they have to give it 100%, sacrificing relationships, friendships, and stability in the pursuit of their dreams. That sounds like a nightmare to me.

I’ve found that our dreams don’t have to kill us. Perhaps you’ve had a burnout in the past, from trying too hard, and would like ways to pursue your dreams while maintaining balance and happiness in life. Or maybe you just struggle to maintain interest in anything, getting easily distracted, jumping from thing to thing. My message is to help you listen to and recognize yourself and your unique strengths, and to help you find ways to make your dreams last all the way to the finish line. 


You really make me feel valued as an INFP. I am usually so self critical without realizing it. I ask myself why did you ask such a  question or of what use is your thinking/philosophizing in the real world? But you make me see the value that I bring to the people around me. Thank you so much. I really needed this.


Thank you so much Erik for being so thoughtful, helpful and uplifting! Although it is an incredible double effort and time, you are doing this for us. I really appreciate that!!!


HOLY SHIT. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO. My tests constantly bounce me back and fourth. But your explanation makes more sense than any other person talking about the types on YouTube and believe I’ve watched everyone. I rarely ever seek external advice unless it’s from a book. Or in this case, your video. Advice I’m comfortably seeking alone. Now I know. And shit. Now I know I’m im the infj weirdo. ARENT we most likely to become homeless because we’re unwilling to accept reality or something? 😂


Is personality psychology scientific?

There is no scientific validity to the idea of personality types. Humanity cannot be divided into a set of types. We are all unique and types are just a simplified generalization to explain certain patterns and commonalities in how we think. I apply scientific rigor in my approach and have learnt from modern practices like the Big Five, approaching personality psychology as a spectrum. Psychology is a soft science, meaning that we lack the tools to understand or measure thoughts or feelings. But we can use an empirical and pragmatic approach to see what works and what seems to lead to a genuine improvement in people’s lives.

What is your academic background?

I have studied rhetoric, sociology, and philosophy at Uppsala University, up to a master’s level, specializing on ancient Greek philosophy, and the idea of ethical and logical fallacies. I am therefore particularly talented in understanding language and communication and how that shapes your behavior and thinking. This is also how I learnt to read a person based on their body language, tone of voice, and not just what a person says they value, but how they express their values.

Do you offer a discount for students and people who are unemployed?

I know what it’s like to be a student and to lack the financial capacity. If you are a student or unemployed, send me an email to and let me know what you need help with, what you are studying (if applicable) and let’s discuss options together.


I offer various coaching options. Coaching is done via Google Meet. After purchasing a session via Patreon, you get a link to book a time slot. You can reschedule up to 24 hours before the session. Below, you can see my coaching options:

Let’s draw a map of your personality

My self-reflection oriented coaching sessions aim to help you formulate the answers to your own problems in life. Using a socratic style, we will explore you, your life, your thoughts, your values, interests, passions, and your lifestyle. This will help you recognize your Core Intelligence that you rely on to succeed in life. It can also reveal weaknesses, obstacles, and challenges in the path to your growth and personal development. I am not able to see or recognize everything about you or your life, and much of your personality is still left to be written. My sessions often offer experiments you can engage in in your life to explore or discover new potential passions in life. 

It’s easy to feel lost in life at times, especially if you struggle with impostor syndrome, have experienced a recent failure in your life, or worry too much about what other people think about you. With these sessions, we will start to, country by country, map out your life and all the intricacies of your personality. 

Take My Hero Workshop

The ultimate goal of any person is to become their best version of themselves. In these sessions, you will be challenged to develop your core strengths and to learn new ways to improve and develop your skills, going from level 1 to level 99. My workshops are interactive 1-on-1 sessions where you will get tools and challenges that can help you better understand your own intelligences and how to master them in your life. Becoming the best version of yourself means taking control over your life and taking responsibility for your own actions. We all have goals and dreams, sometimes small, sometimes big. I have studied goal-setting books like Atomic Habits, and some of the great geniuses of the world, and learnt some of the tricks that can help anyone become more disciplined and focused in the pursuit of their own happiness. 

Relationship coaching

I love to coach couples and to help them in getting to know each other better. My sessions are ideal if you would like to get to know your partner and help your partner better understand you. I believe there is no perfect relationship combination, I believe in love and that if we learn to understand each other, we will more easily find a way to live a harmonious and happy life together. The goal of my session is to identify common goals, values, and things you want to work on together. Through my relationship coaching, let’s start to identify common goals, aims, and things you want to do together. 

Get My Online Course

Self-Discovery 101

My course aims to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to gain a deeper understanding of your personality and how it connects to flow, motivation, and well-being.

Course Objectives and Outcomes

  1. Develop a comprehensive understanding of Jungian personality psychology and its modern applications
  2. Discover and explore your personality type, including subtypes and variations within the 16 personalities
  3. Understand the connection between personality, flow, motivation, and well-being
  4. Learn practical strategies to enhance self-awareness, personal growth, and interpersonal relationships
  5. Gain insights into how to create a life that aligns with your true self, leading to increased happiness and fulfillment

Course Outline

  1. Introduction (5 minutes)
    -Brief overview of the course
    -Introducing the importance of understanding your personality
  2. Introversion and Extroversion (5 minutes)
    -Definitions and key differences
    -Identifying your own preference
    -Exercises and questions for self-reflection
  3. Intuition and Sensing (5 minutes)
    -Definitions and key differences
    -Identifying your own preference
    -Exercises and questions for self-reflection
  4. Thinking and Feeling (5 minutes)
    -Definitions and key differences
    -Identifying your own preference
    -Exercises and questions for self-reflection
  5. Judging and Perceiving (5 minutes)
    -Definitions and key differences
    -Identifying your own preference
    -Exercises and questions for self-reflection
  6. The Cognitive Functions (20 minutes)
    -Overview of cognitive functions
    -The role of cognitive functions in personality
  7. The Cognitive Functions in Depth (20 minutes)
    -Detailed exploration of each cognitive function
    -How cognitive functions work together
  8. Flow and Personality Depending on Context or Situation (15 minutes)
    -How personality manifests differently in various contexts
    -Achieving flow and balance
  9. Subtypes (10 minutes)
    -Understanding personality subtypes
    -Exploring variations within each preference
  10. Objective and Relative Personality (15 minutes)
    -Definitions and differences
    -Evaluating your own personality objectively and relatively
  11. Final Summary (5 minutes)
    -Recap of the course content
    -Next steps for personal growth 

Course Prerequisites: None. This course is suitable for beginners, as well as those already familiar with personality psychology.

Course Materials:

  • Self-Discovery Spreadsheet: A tool to track your personal growth and self-reflection
  • Small Guidebook: A written resource for those who prefer to read about personality psychology
  • Exercises and Questions: Interactive elements designed to deepen your understanding and self-awareness

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