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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

Erik Thor’s MBTI | My Personality Type

Erik Thor Personality Type

ERIK THOR MBTI. On my personality test, you get to explore yourself across many dimensions beyond the traditional eight we recognize from the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Here, I’ll share my results and why my personality best aligns with ENfj.

You’ll learn why my system and approach to personality is more extensive and how much in-depth insight you can get by buying my extended reports, and you’ll see how I was able to work out my own personality.

And you’ll learn about my strongest cognitive functions and abilities.

But before we get into that, let me introduce myself. As a kid I was known for my high optimism. I was quick to laugh and people said I was exceptionally calm and light-hearted. I had a creative slant and quickly got into reading and writing. I took up an interest in philosophy early in life. I gravitated to being an adult and helper and showed high responsibility and independence. I learnt to cook early, to help out at home. I was “obedient” as long as I respected the authority, most of the time because I wanted to make others happy. I grew up to be a very political and passionate person, but I struggled to settle on one political party or field of study.

I was interested in everything and found it hard to choose what was best for me. I liked being around people and on stage and gravitated to be a leader. I also had academic passion and found a love for communication and rhetoric. I pushed myself hard and was always on the go, and because of that, I had a burnout early in life. After the burnout, I took up psychology and jungian psychology helped me become more in touch with myself and who I was. I learnt my own needs were also important and to voice my own boundaries better. Over time, due to my high curiosity, I became an expert on Jungian Psychology and positive psychology. I had always been interested in spirituality and had explored religion and buddhism and meditation early on in life. The topic of enlightenment was fascinating to me, and so, I started thinking about how I could use psychology to attain a higher level of consciousness and development. Today, I remain committed to that cause, and it is an inspiration for me in all my writing and videos, as well as when I coach.

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Erik Thor Personality Type

Above, you see sixteen different personality traits, but how do they correlate to the MBTI and what do they mean?

Why I Am An Extroverted

I score high on Extroversion. My most notable extroverted trait is my Assertiveness (77%) and Adaptability (82%), but even my Initiative (77%) is high. My least Extroverted trait is my Collaboration (50%). I put myself forward and am comfortable on the stage. I’m flexible to the situation and adjust my plans as I go. I take initiative to start up new projects. I am decent at collaborating with others, but like to work on my own.

Why I’m Not Introverted

While I do score well on certain scales, like Self-reliance (78%) and Modesty (51%) I have a low result on Stability (28%) and Organization (29%). I tend to work alone often, and so, I’ve developed this relatively more introverted trait. But this trait is also often found in Judging types. It gives the person a sense of responsibility that allows them to work independently of others. In regards to Modesty, like most Swedish people, modesty was drummed into me at an early age. Stability and organization are considerable weaknesses in my life and areas where I’ve made considerable improvements in later years. I would have a low attention to detail and would struggle to follow a set structure.

Why I Am An Intuitive

My Openness is at 98%, making it my most strong personality trait. But my Optimism (85%) is also significant. On top of that, I score fairly high for Big-Picture thinking (67%). My least Intuitive trait is my low Inquisitiveness (60%) which reflects your ability to ask questions, open up discussions.

Why I’m Not A Sensor

My Presence is at 50%, and my Skepticism is at 60% while my Prioritization is a less developed trait. (28%) and my Gut Instinct is a strongly developed trait. Thanks to having developed my ability to make decisions using my instincts and how I feel in the moment, and thanks to my childhood and upbringing making me a relatively grounded person, and my background in University, I am relatively capable of thinking critically about things. However, my natural tendency tends to be more towards thinking big-picture, seeing the positive side.

Why I Am A Feeling Type

My most notable Intuitive traits also somewhat overlap with Feeling. Openness and Optimism are also correlated to Feeling, making me score higher on this scale. Feeling, though, is recognized for it’s Gut-instinct (77%) which is something I’m good at, and Presence (50%) which have been things I have struggled with in life. That said, it is not a considerable weakness in my life.

Why I’m Not A Thinking Type

My most notable Thinking traits is my high Skepticism (60%) and my weakest trait is Prioritization (28%) making me capable of seeing flaws and issues in things, but a struggle can be to be efficient, choose the most likely outcome, and prioritizing my own time effectively. I have a decent capacity for Big-picture thinking and Inqusitiveness, which also overlap somewhat with Thinking.

Why I Am A Judging Type

My Assertiveness, Initiative, Self-reliance give me a strong result on Judging. My low score on Organization somewhat puts my score for Judging down.

Why I’m Not A Perceiving Type

While I’m relatively adaptable, and often tend to adjust and change things in the moment, and while I’m capable of collaborating with others, my high self-reliance and independence puts my score for Perceiving down. I’m also notably more Assertive than the average Perceiving type, and lack the methodical temperament of thinking in steps or tasks, rather than long-term goals.

Erik Thor’s Cognitive Functions

Now, let’s talk about the cognitive functions. My two strongest cognitive functions are Extroverted Intuition and Extroverted Feeling. I speak five languages and have a background in Rhetoric and I’m a good communicator. I’m inventive and good at coming up with ideas. I have a long background in community work and group work. I have often had a leader position in various political organizations. I’ve often done public debates and speeches. In school, I would sometimes struggle with following instructions correctly. I often made factual errors or leaps in judgment. I struggled to show patience and follow standard procedures. Yeah, I would often make mistakes or overestimate things. I would be sometimes naive.

Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence (Extroverted iNtuition)

76.5% | Verbalize thoughts | Interpret symbols | Define concept

Interpersonal Intelligence (Extroverted Feeling)

76.5% | Relate & Connect | Set atmosphere | Establish culture

My weakest cognitive functions:

Informations Intelligence (Introverted Sensing)

54.5% | Make documentation | Apply recipe | Describe accurately & in-detail

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (Introverted Thinking)

54.5% | Rate things by numbers | Calculate costs and risks | Check for accuracy & precision

Why I Am An Enneagram 9 wing 8

Lastly, we can talk about the Enneagram. I identify as an Enneagram 9 wing 8. This type speaks to me more than any other and its patterns have been clear to me from a young age. While I identify in part with Enneagram 5 and at times with Enneagram 2, the Nine is what always comes out as the crown on my head.

The Enneagram 9 reinforces my idea of myself as a diplomat and someone who speaks for the tribe as a whole. I try to see the bigger picture and to establish common ground between everyone I know. In conflicts, I’m quick to establish agreements and to work through conflicts. I’m open-minded to any viewpoint and positive in how I look at the future.

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Erik Thor’s MBTI

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