Erik Thor’s Personality Type Revealed

How I found my personality type and what I did to better understand my cognitive functions and my personal subtype. What is my Enneagram and how can I claim to know my own personality type? Find out Erik Thor’s MBTI today.

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Erik Thor’s MBTI, INFJ A (INFJ-Ni/Ti)

People often ask: What is Erik Thor’s MBTI? Well, I identify as an INFJ. Why? Let’s start with the dichotomies.

Why I Am An Introvert

  • I am moderately introverted (Yes, not ambiverted). I do have outgoing traits. I can start up conversations and engage other people. I run my own YouTube channel and blog and like to connect with other people. I am however introverted in the sense that I don’t get energy from social interactions with other people. I find it stressful and tiring to keep a conversation going. That means, I am usually the person to say “Hey, nice to meet you.” and then to immediately return to my own quiet space. I feel more generally comfortable on my own or in one-on-one settings.

Why I Am An Intuitive

  • I am highly iNtuitive but not extremely intuitive. I base my worldview on facts and data. I don’t believe in just about any conspiracy theory. Just because it’s fun, does not mean it’s true. I don’t like to speculate just for the sake of speculation. I consider myself a dominant iNtuitive with one foot in the sensory world. That gives me enough grit to follow through on projects and ideas.

Why I Am A Feeling Type

  • I am moderately Feeling, that means, my values are all focused in a humanitarian direction. I am highly concerned about the state of the world and poverty and climate change. I have a long and intense history in politics and community work. I do not consider myself a Thinking type though I do have some thinking traits. I am logical and analytical. I have an interest in programming and technical positions.

Why I Am A Judging Type

  • At work and to friends I tend to be the voice of calm and control. I like to function as the guide for other people in my team. I am the person who picks up the slack of the group. I take charge of cooking, schedules, calendars, and agendas. I make sure everyone stays on topic and that we stay up to date on future plans and events. At home, I plan grocery lists and make projections of our budget and economy. I find it relatively easy to focus. People sometimes think I am a perceiving type because I am creative and able to explore many ideas at the same time. I have, however, no ability to multitask.

Erik Thor’s MBTI? Based on the dichotomies, my type is obvious. What about the cognitive functions?

Why I Am An Introverted iNtuitive

Some online believe me to be an Extroverted iNtuitive type, but there are a few reasons why I have found this to be untrue.

Firstly, I don’t have an idea generation process, but rather tend to get “hung up” on the first idea I have. I spend much time developing and building on one idea and can lose track of time as I spend the whole day working on a creative project. To me, this sounds far more like Introverted iNtuition

Secondly, I take a more philosophical than proactive role. I spend far more time researching theories and reflecting on ideas than I spend executing ideas. Not to say that I don’t execute ideas, but often, there is a lot of thought behind my work and what I do, and my website and YouTube channel was based on a long cognitive process.

Thirdly, my intuition is focused, and much like a sword I can fully wield and control. I do not perceive my thoughts as random or scattered. I am good at visualising an outcome and working towards said outcome without halt.

Why I Am An Introverted Thinking Type

I am known to be a problem solver. I can pick apart ideas into small pieces and see flaws in reasoning. I have spent years studying Rhetoric, Philosophy and the art of persuasion. This allows me to craft my arguments carefully and to analyse my own thought process. I consider myself a person who is aware of common blindspots and logical leaps.

I push myself to present ideas that are accurate and to avoid fallacy. In an argument, I evaluate both sides to see which one is correct. I then pick based on the arguments that I have been able to examine. My mind is open and I am always open to reevaluate a situation if I am given a good argument.

Numbers stick to me like glue. I was able to memorise 40 digits off Pi as a child. I understand computers like they are human beings. I am able to almost instinctively know what is wrong with software and technology. I have a good grasp of programming, HTML, JavaScript and coding. I see these skills as necessary for me in order to excel in my work.

I mention this before Extroverted Feeling because I am an INFJ-Ni/Ti subtype. That means, while INFJs are typically known for their Extroverted Feeling, I am better known for my Introverted Thinking.

Why I Am An Extroverted Feeling Type

I build bridges between people. I help people understand each other better. I am almost better at understanding other personality types than I am at understanding my own. In discussions, I hear all viewpoints and seek to identify common ground. I build on mutual agreements and help the other person see that I am on their side.

I like building alliances and communicating with other people. I seek to make myself understood and liked by other people. I pride myself on making other people feel calm and relaxed. I disarm potential conflict zones and tension points. I have often come to function as a spokesperson and representative of the group, especially in politics. At work, I am also the person people can talk to when they need help with anything.

I am a talented cook who loves to care for other people through cooking. Cooking for me is about finding new ways to make other people happy and surprised. During social events, I often volunteer to host and to prepare and put everything together so that everyone can have a nice evening. In social settings, I tend to talk to the quiet and shy ones.

My MBTI should not be difficult to guess based on this.

Why I Am An Enneagram 9 wing 8

Lastly, we can talk about the Enneagram. I identify as an Enneagram 9 wing 8. This type speaks to me more than any other and its patterns have been clear to me from a young age. While I identify in part with Enneagram 5 and at times with Enneagram 2, the Nine is what always comes out as the crown.

The Enneagram 9 reinforces my idea of myself as a diplomat and someone who speaks for the tribe as a whole. I try to see the bigger picture and to establish common ground between everyone I know. In conflicts, I’m quick to establish agreements and to work through conflicts. At times I forget to speak out for myself and to set boundaries. I can let people run over me and use me. This is a bad pattern I have been working on resolving for a longer time.

Learn about the MBTI types in this video

Erik Thor’s MBTI

If you want to get access to my typing services, I would be happy to help you find your personality type.

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