Erik Thor INFJ-Ni/Nj

What is my personality type?

My name is Erik Thor and I type as an INFJ-Ni/Nj personality type, the iNtuitive subtype. People ask me about my type all the time, so I figured I would make a post about it.

How did I figure out my MBTI Type?

I was lucky to be typed by a former psychologist and MBTI expert. On my first personality test, I got the INFP personality type result. The reason I scored as a Perceiving type was because I had just came out of a burnout. I was a mess, and for the first time in my life I did not know what I wanted to do anymore. Still, there have been many times in my life where I have questioned my personality type.

What type would I be if I was not an INFJ? I think my closest bet would have been INFP, but there is also a strong faction out there that would call me an ENTP.

There were three factors that helped me nail down my personality type.

Discovering Introverted iNtuition

I always knew I was an Introverted iNtuitive type. My upbringing, and most of my life, was lived in solitude, away from crowds and busy places. When a party came up I was the first person to look the other way. I preferred to be inside my own mind – and I could always think of something fun to do inside my own head.

Believe it or not, I developed my first philosophical theories when I was twelve and started early digging into philosophy, astrology, and psychology. I wanted to “get” people. What made people happy. My first theory was on happiness – what makes us happy? How can we live a balanced life? Is there a universal secret to happiness? And here I am today, 16 years later, still working on the same theory. I have not moved from my path one bit since I first set to it.

Finding Inner Peace

The other thing that made me realise I was an INFJ, or at least an INFX, was my discovery of Introverted Feeling as the cognitive function that is most motivated by peace, harmony, and balance.

Inner peace, and harmony with self and with other. My whole life, I had been running from conflicts and arguments. I wanted everyone to be happy. People would describe me as a healer, a counsellor. Someone they could talk to. Someone that would listen. I always had a reassuring aura on the people around me. Honestly, sometimes I would let them walk all over me. It took a while for me to develop healthy boundaries. I did not want people to get upset with me. Honestly, I did not want people to be upset, at all.

What I have found is I still see Introverted Feeling in myself every day that I invest in meditation, introspection, and in searching self-awareness. I think fundamentally I have always known myself. Who I was, what I was like, and how I worked. I think sometimes, I would think I was a Thinking type, because I would neglect and deny my own emotions and my own needs. I thought others needs were simply more important.

So I would say “I do not have any emotions.” and then I would spend the rest of the time thinking about what everyone else was feeling. I was empathetic and constantly read other people. I tried to understand and listen and be there for them any way I could. If I picked up on a negative emotion, I would try to jump in and do something about it.

Finding a life goal

My major source of doubt was on my Judging preference. I think I felt lost for a long time. Where am I going? What am I doing with myself? Where is this all headed? Now I know that it is headed in the same direction it always was. I still strive for the same things I did when I was a kid. There is really only one way for all of us in the end, the one we choose.

I discovered iNtuitive Judging in myself when I recognised how large and comprehensive and long-term my visions were. They were far reaching, broad, and conceptual in their nature. I could not always define them in practical terms, but they extended to every single dimension of life, and could never be limited to just one thing. You guys know me. I have been working tirelessly for years now to understand human psychology, happiness, and the secrets of a good life.

Erik Thors Personality Type

I type as INFJ-Ni/Nj Personality Type. What does that mean? That means my strongest cognitive functions are Introverted iNtuition and iNtuitive Judging and that I am the most iNtuitive subtype of the INFJ personality type.

Yes, I am so iNtuitive that it comes at the expense of poor discernment or judgement at times. I struggle with decision making and with checking in with myself and my feelings. I am most focused with information gathering. Really, I want to learn as much as possible and figure out as many secrets as possible. I am sometimes obsessed, and certainly far down the rabbit hole, but that is where things are the most exciting.

Honestly, I am not always in flow, and sometimes I dip into the inspirational cognitive functions, like Extroverted iNtuition and iNtuitive Perceiving. Life has a tendency to push me to places that are uncomfortable to me. But I always feel the most home in Introverted iNtuition and iNtuitive Judging – the alternative feels chaotic, unpredictable, and scary to me, though fascinating.

If you need any help figuring out your personality type, you can always become a Patron and send me a message.

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