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ENTP? Learn about the most intuitive type

Is the ENTP personality type the most intuitive of them all? Find out in today's video. Why is […]
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Is the ENTP personality type the most intuitive of them all? Find out in today's video.

Why is the ENTP the most intuitive type?

The DNA of this type is extroverted, thinking and perceiving. The ENTP is one of the four personality types that place intuition highest on their hierarchy of needs. On a cognitive scale, the intuition of the ENTP is extroverted, which allows them to process and execute ideas faster. Beyond that, there are several ways in which ENTPs out intuit INFJs, INTJs, and ENFPs.

1. Thinking is more in the mind and Feeling is more in the gut

Intuition, like Thinking, partially overlap and both processes reside more in mental processes than emotional. That means, there are more natural connections between intuition and thinking and these processes can communicate more effectively.

2. Perceiving allows more rapid perspective shifting than Judging

This allows ENTPs to consider a situation from more angles, making their intuition more flexible. The Judging personality types like INTJs and INFJs spend more time disciplining their mind, demanding that their intuition is polished and will serve a certain goal or ambition.

3. INTJs are more obsessed with proving their intuition is correct

Due to the nature of Extroverted Thinking, INTJs are more focused on gaining proof to support their ideas. This makes them take a more practical course of action. ENTPs rather pursue a more logical route and rely more on internal logical conjunction. If they can already present a good argument for an ideas validity, no external proof is necessary. On the downside, this means ENTPs can sometimes attach themselves to ideas that are practically impossible.

4. ENFPs are more focused on living in a way that is authentic to their ideas

This means ENFPs will dismiss ideas they are not prepared to fully commit to. ENFPs spend more time worrying about a change or an idea "feels right" and is in line with their identity and character. On the plus side, that makes it easier for an ENFP to find happiness, as they will make decisions that better match their needs and values. But there can still be some sense of loss or missing out as you have to close doors on amazing opportunities because you feel they are morally wrong.

Do you agree that ENTPs are the most intuitive off all?

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