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The ENTJ personality type is known for:

  • Entering into a flow state when working towards realizing a goal or project
  • Wanting to push themselves to realize a big vision or future goal
  • Distracting themselves with quick wins and easy hedonistic ways to relax
  • Becoming stressed when confronted by their own feelings and needs

The ENTJ Personality type is one that at their best is working hard to accomplish goals and succeed in implementing projects. They are then assertive and confident in working towards challenging tasks, even if they have to push themselves to their limits and work themselves hard to make it happen. ENTJs are fascinated by the idea of achieving a big vision or project, but also scared of it. This can make them focus on easy wins and more direct and practical tasks that they can accomplish more quickly. 

The ENTJ can feel at times anxious to confront their own feelings and to think about why they do what they do. They want things to be fast, effective, and easy, and can sometimes ignore their own feelings. But it can be important to work through this anxiety and to sit with themselves, and to use goals to push them forward so that they can live more in touch with themselves and their own feelings.

The ENTJ Eight Functions

Extroverted Thinking

ENTJs enter into a flow state when they can engage in a project or challenge that pushes them to think and learn and improve their general execution. They get energy, motivation, and confidence from being able to set and make progress towards goals. 

Introverted iNtuition

ENTJs challenge themselves by thinking about the longer perspective and goals that they might have. This can include pushing yourself to think big and to make projects more complex and future oriented. Doing so can be challenging for them, but also helps them grow tremendously.

Extroverted Sensing

Extroverted Sensing provides an ENTJ with an escape from big projects and challenges, and into practical tasks that drive direct results. This can be more easy and effortless for an ENTJ, but also much less rewarding for them personally, taking away gratification and meaning in the longer perspective.

Introverted Feeling

Introverted Feeling can confront the ENTJ with their own values and needs and their own identity. This can be important to avoid burning out, but can also be highly stressful to think about. Easier than to just focus on work! But over time, you have to learn to manage this function to stay balanced and in touch with yourself.

Introverted Thinking

Introverted Thinking stimulates and inspires the ENTJ to think longer and harder about a project or a goal and what the best approach could be. Introverted Thinking makes the ENTJ more cautious and careful in their approach and provides tough problems to crack. This can be annoying to an ENTJ, who wants things to be fast and easy to resolve, but it can also drive inspiration and focus.

Extroverted iNtuition

Extroverted iNtuition is the recreational function for an ENTJ. It pushes the ENTJ to learn new things for fun and is something the ENTJ can do whenever they need stimulation and energy in a carefree and undemanding environment. Life can’t always be about work and tapping into Extroverted iNtuition is like tapping into and acknowledging your inner child, the part of you that just likes to do things for fun. 

Introverted Sensing

It can be hard for the ENTJ to acknowledge their past and to think back and process their previous experiences, as they tend to be very focused on the future and their bigger goal and vision. Engaging in this function requires you to push through anxiety, stress, and draining things. 

Extroverted Feeling

Extroverted Feeling can feel like a boring but important function to learn to use to navigate people and relationships and to prevent misunderstandings. ENTJs use this function to manage their own projects and goals so that they don’t step on anybody’s toes on the way to their goals, or at least navigate conflicts in a diplomatic manner.

The Dominant Subtype

The dominant subtype ENTJ is known for their drive and passion in realizing their goals and projects. They can do so sometimes at the expense of their own feelings, pushing themselves hard, and pushing their own boundaries. At the same time, the Dominant subtype does their best to realize their own unique purpose in the world, and is highly driven to represent themselves and to show their best version of themselves to the world. To some extent, this type is driven by proving themselves and their own unique significance. 

The Creative Subtype

The creative subtype ENTJ is known to challenge themselves to think long and hard about the future and where they are going and why they do what they do. They are very existentially minded and theoretical and apply ideas and concepts to push themselves to do unique and original things. This type of ENTJ is highly creative in their ability to apply unique perspectives and tends to start original projects.

The Balanced Subtype

This ENTJ is known to be more gratification oriented, and more present and down to earth. They focus on more practical and achievable goals, and study present trends and actions, copying those that seem to drive quick accomplishments and results. This is more easy, but also less rewarding for the ENTJ, making them more balanced and comfortable, but less motivated and passionate.

The Turbulent Subtype

This ENTJ has less overall belief in themselves and their own unique significance, and so, they are more skeptical about what they can achieve and accomplish. This ENTJ is more pessimistic and more worried about pushing the boundaries of what they can genuinely accomplish and so focus on more easy wins. 

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