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You’re probably an ENFJ, or dealing with an ENFJ, if you:

  • Enter into a flow state when you are focused on interpersonal relationships, communication, and dramatic expression or storytelling
  • Challenge yourself to work towards long term goals or a vision, but becomes scared if the vision is too big or complex
  • Often escape to easy wins or self-gratification through practical tasks they can do that give them release and relief
  • Become stressed by the idea of being critiqued or critically examined, or by having to logically evaluate your own actions and solve problems

The ENFJ Personality Type at their best is one that is good at influencing people and setting a positive example. ENFJs are dramatic entertainers and storytellers that know how to make others feel things. They can therefore be very inspiring to be around. The ENFJs feel fascinated by complex theories and big ideas but also find these ideas unnerving and scary to manage for longer times. It can require vulnerability for an ENFJ to be original and to follow their own vision, and so the ENFJ may pursue more quick escapes for direct self gratification. ENFJs tend to be highly positive and can sometimes avoid thinking critically about their own actions and activities, as this causes them stress and drains them, but it can be highly beneficial for them to do so.

Extroverted Feeling

Extroverted Feeling is the engine of the ENFJ and something that pushes and motivates them to connect with and talk to people. This function drives them to speak with passion and in a highly animated manner, as they enter into a state of high flow and energy when they are dealing with people. 

Introverted iNtuition

Introverted iNtuition requires you to go outside your comfort zone to push your intellect to the next level. Introverted iNtuition drives a fascination with mystery and complexity and the great unknown out there. 

Extroverted Sensing

Extroverted Sensing provides the ENFJ with an easy escape and practical tasks and activities that can help them relax and unwind from their main quest in life. But staying too long in this function can also lead to a state of meaninglessness and stasis. 

Introverted Thinking

This function allows you to critically evaluate what you say and do and holds you accountable, so that you develop a sense of integrity, rather than just say what feels good. But this takes stress and requires you to go outside your comfort zone.

Introverted Feeling

This inspiring function holds your feelings accountable and demands that you think carefully about what you say and how you express yourself, making you pay attention to nuance in how you express and word things. That can be uncomfortable and frustrating at times, but also helps you maintain an authentic voice.

Extroverted iNtuition 

This function allows you a fun and entertaining relief. It helps you energize yourself and tap into your inner child. The part of you that loves to just explore and is fascinated by new things. 

Introverted Sensing

This function is difficult and scary for you to use. It can feel scary to accept responsibility for things and to take on duty and commit to things as an ENFJ. But it can also be highly rewarding to do so. 

Extroverted Thinking

Extroverted Thinking helps you manage your own experience and actions, so that what you do is not just words, but also actions. Focus not just on what you say and how you say things, but also how you demonstrate your feelings through the work that you do. ENFJs like to have an impersonal communication style, but sometimes, the more formal and articulate style of Extroverted Thinking can be helpful.

The Dominant Subtype

The ENFJ Personality Type is at their best highly driven in representing their ideals and expressing their beliefs through storytelling, charisma, and communication. The dominant subtype is constantly focused on self expression and does so in a way that demonstrates integrity and critical thinking. You are not just positive, but also good at overcoming problems and maintaining optimism. 

The Creative Subtype

The ENFJ Personality Type when creative is highly original and good at expressing complex ideas in a way that people as a whole can understand. They use spiritual thoughts, big ideas, and visionary ideas to inspire people and themselves. 

The Balanced Subtype

This subtype is more focused on their comfort and self-gratification. They focus on quick wins and easy projects that deliver immediate returns. This is less scary and overwhelming for the ENFJ, but also less rewarding in the longer perspective.

The Turbulent Subtype

This subtype is more careful with how they word things and what they say, out of fear of criticism and of sounding stupid. They think more carefully about what they do and how in order to not do anything foolish. This can lead to less passion and motivation however, and a sense of feeling stressed or anxious to be yourself.

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