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5 Ways Extroverts Can Become Master Their Introverted Shadow

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There is no true extrovert. Such a person would belong in a lunatic asylum, as Carl Jung would have said. Let's talk about how you as an Extrovert can master your introverted side. And how not to do it.

How To Master Your Introverted Shadow As An Extrovert

  1. Don't force yourself to do it

You want to find yourself naturally gravitating to taking alone time by allowing yourself to flow with your needs and desires. You have a natural need for introversion and for alone time in yourself. If you allow yourself to engage in a carefree manner in social activities, you will find that this need will increase over time. You will learn a lot from engaging with the world, and you will want to sit down and think about what you have learnt.

2. Find a comfortable pace to move

Many extroverts rush themselves too much, and feel that everything has to happen as quickly as possible. The speed of an extrovert is their greatest asset, but never move so fast that you lose comprehension or control of the situation. Pace yourself to make sure that you stay present and attentive in the activities you do. Don't rush yourself so much that you lose track or perspective on what you are doing.

3. Review your actions and consequences

Extroverts do first and think later. That's not wrong. Experimentation is a great way to learn about a situation. But definitely do think later. Take time to review your actions and experiences and to form a clear understanding of it, so that you don't repeat mistakes over and over. If you find yourself in repetitive scenarios, think about what the universe is telling you. Are you taking time to process your experienecs and to understand what is really happening?

4. Don't hold yourself back

Don't force yourself to be quiet or to shut up just to appease other people. Allow yourself to express yourself and find people who enjoy your energy and enthusiasm. Not everyone has to feel a connection or relationship to you, so focus on those that do. If you find yourself constantly having to slow down to fit other people's needs, you are probably in the wrong place.

5. Take time to recharge between activities

As much as you may be an extrovert, you still need alone time. But find smart ways to engage in alone time without becoming bored. For example, consider going out into nature or engaging in exercise as a way to clear your head. Go for a jog or go to the gym. You will find that by engaging in these kind of activities, you can help your mind stay fresh and clear.

What are your best tips as an extrovert to manage your introverted side?

5 Ways Extroverts Can Become Master Their Introverted Shadow

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