10 Signs You Are An ENFJ

Are you an ENFJ?

If you are an ENFJ, you will relate to all of the following traits:

  • 1. A Highly Creative Nature
    You are easily overwhelmed by the real world, and find it most recharging to be inside your own head. You are trying to learn to put yourself out there without becoming stressed.
  • 2. An eye for intensity
    The ENFJ Personality Type takes nothing lightly, and is known to be a deep sea diver. You are not satisfied with just the quick summary or simple one-liner. You want to understand things fully and completely.
  • 3. A dislike for distractions
    The ENFJ Personality Type prefers focus and mental discipline. You train your thoughts and your thinking. You dislike being interrupted in the middle of your thought process and like to tune out distractions when possible.
  • 4. An Empathetic nature
    The ENFJ Personality Type wants to put people at ease. The ENFJ is naturally reassuring, accepting, and practices tolerance. You want everyone to have space.
  • 5. Everything goes in a system
    You need all information to be internally consistent and coherent. You systemize information using visual tables, graphs, and illustrations to make sure that all relationships and rules are clear and applied correctly.
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  • 6. You mediate and harmonize
    When there is conflict or discord, you step in to resolve it. You try to hear all sides and to make sure everyone can come to an understanding.
  • 7. You predict the future
    ENFJs try to make sure that their system and data can be used to predict future events. You use either consciously or unconsciously, the experience and knowledge you have gained to come to an understanding about what will happen next.
  • 8. Fighter temperament
    ENFJs are highly passionate types that rely on force, perserverence and the spirit of a fighter. You give your all to everything you do, and will fight hard for what you want.
  • 9. Vivid imagination
    The ENFJ often experiences striking images, vivid, colorful dreams, and strong inner sensations. The inner world is real and profound to you. It can be hard for you to tell apart reality from dreams.
  • 10. Nervous disposition
    The ENFJ is notoriously easily startled and sensitive to sudden sounds and sensations. If things happen that are outside what the ENFJ expects, they may become nervous or rattled.

Is this you? Check out my video on ENFJs here

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