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10 Obvious But Unexpected Signs You Are An INFJ “Mystic”

Knowing you are an INFJ is easier than you think. If you agree with seven or more of these, you are definitely a true INFJ Chosen One.

1. You have always felt different

Yes, that’s enough. If you feel even just slightly different from the norm, if you deviate in any way, that’s because you are an INFJ.

2. You saw the face of Jesus in your cornflakes bowl

It takes an INFJs eyes to be able to capture the divine in real life. And while your friends will insist that it looks more like Homer Simpson, you should trust your eyes for what they are. You simply have better eyes than most people.

3. If you’re out on a walk, and you end up seeing this guy, with this sign, that means you are an INFJ

Most people will never see this guy or this sign. This is because they are sheeple, and refuse to open their eyes.

4. You leave secret codes in your writing

If you write something
Now look back at it
Feel anything strange?
Jes, the first letter of every sentence adds up to INFJ.

5. You have visionary dreams

If you have prophetic dreams and visions you are definitely an INFJ

6. Check your birthdate

If your birthdate is december 25th, or any 25th, or if it’s the same date as Adolf Hitler’s birthday, you are definitely an INFJ.

7. Look at your belly button

Don’t have one? Definitely an INFJ.

8. How do you slice your pizza?

I’ve noticed that most REAL INFJs tend to slice out a circle in the middle of their pizza which they eat first. Then, afterwards, they cut out slices normally, and then they lift and eat the slices.

If you put pineapple on your pizza, you are definitely NOT an INFJ.

9. You have two strands of hair that strike out like antennas

Do NOT, absolutely DO NOT cut these two strands of hair off – these are how you can connect with the gods up above and how you are able to access divine wisdom.

10. Somebody on the internet told you you were NOT an INFJ

If somebody comments on one of your posts or videos saying you can’t be an INFJ, that is an obvious sign you are an INFJ, too.

How many of these did you get? The more of these that you got, the more INFJ you are. You have to get at least seven of these in order to be a true INFJ, but five is enough to get an INFP stamp.

Consider reading Psychology Junkies “24 Signs You Are An INFJ” for 24 ACTUAL signs that you are an INFJ.


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