Why ENTPs Are So Smart

Do people think you are smart? ENTPs are stereotypically speaking, seen as some of the most intelligent of all personality types. And while all the 16 personalities are intelligent in their own way, the ENTPs rapid-rate thinking and speed of assessing new information often gets them perceived as clever. ENTPs are quick at comprehension and good at thinking up solutions on the spot.

This is not without issues however: while ENTPs will praise themselves for reading quickly, watching a lot of documentaries, and having lots of interests, they tend to do poorly at information retention. They hate taking notes and sitting down with information to really sift through the details. They like things to be done quickly – otherwise they get bored. They’ll skip to the most important parts of a text and gloss over several details.

So while ENTPs might quickly race forward in school to be praised by their teachers for being so clever, they might fall off the track or fail completely at certain assignments, because they’re seen as boring or contain too many tedious details. And while the ENTPs might read a lot, they may not always remember it past the week. And they might have skipped over several important segments that could have been of use to them.

This is why more disciplined and developed ENTPs set rules for themselves. Rules like taking notes about everything you read, and not reading too quickly, help the ENTP stay on track. The ENTP has all the capabilities to do well in academic performance, and if they can balance out their wit and ease of learning with some proper self discipline, they can go far.

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