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Who In Game Of Thrones Are You?

Are you more motivated in power and in getting the iron throne? Or are you more focused on […]
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Are you more motivated in power and in getting the iron throne? Or are you more focused on breaking out of your genders stereotypes or your chosen path, and being free to live life your own way? Do you tend to be more focused on doing something for the tribe?

People are quick to judge the personality type of their favourite character. Most fictional characters have complex personalities that don't always belong perfectly in any human character. Some characters change as different writers have different ideas for a character. Some people in a story come to be Mary Sues. A Mary Sue is a person who conveniently will always make the decision that will push the story forward.

In Game Of Thrones, you meet a myriad of different characters and the best thing about the series is most of those characters have clear personal motivations and interests that all make them very unique from one another. To know a persons personality type, you have to understand their motivation.

The Game Of Thrones Characters In Flow

I type people based on who they are in flow, what their key motivations and interests are, what they tend to be most confident in, and who they are when they are the most secure in themselves. I find this approach is more accurate than simply typing people based on their stereotypes and how they can appear in a specific setting or situation.

Typing Graph

Use this one to figure out the type of any of your favourite characters in the show!


The character is most comfortable when on their own


The character is more comfortable acting together with others


Common interests include change, potential, possibility and novelty


Normally most interested in a traditional lifestyle


The key focus tends to be on your character, personality, beliefs and values


Primary motivations can be responsibility, strength, skill at a task, having or showing talent


The character is more focused on what they can do for the tribe


When you prefer to think about what you can accomplish individually

Who In Game Of Thrones Are You?

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Bonus characters:

Theon Greyjoy (ISFP)

Brienne Of Tarth (ISTJ)

Bronn (ESTP)

Sandor Clegane (ISTP)

Let me know if there's anyone else I should type!

I couldn't think of any ESFJ characters. Let me know if you can find any!

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