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We Shouldn’t Fear Intelligence, We Should Fear Stupidity

In my recent video, “Why The World Fears The Intelligent”, I delved into the complex relationship between intelligence and fear. I found that our society often associates intelligence with potential for harm, a perception that extends to both individuals and artificial intelligence (AI). But is this fear justified? Let’s explore.

My Encounter with Fear

In the video, I began by addressing a common fear: the more intelligent a person or entity is, the more capable they are of cruelty, violence, and manipulation. This fear is not limited to people; it extends to AI as well. Many worry that as AI becomes more intelligent, it could potentially become malicious and pose a threat to humanity. This fear is widespread, but as I delved deeper, I found that it might not be entirely justified.

The Intersection of Intelligence and Empathy

As I continued my exploration, I discovered that intelligence and empathy often go hand in hand. I shared examples of renowned intellectuals such as Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci, who were not only brilliant but also empathetic and dedicated to making the world a better place. This led me to suggest that as intelligence grows, so too does empathy and emotional intelligence.

Challenging the Stereotypes

Building on this idea, I challenged the stereotype of the intelligent but cruel individual and the kind but unintelligent one in my video. I argued that this is a false dichotomy, as there are numerous examples of individuals who are both intelligent and kind, as well as those who are not intelligent but still capable of evil. This realization was a turning point in my exploration.

Intelligence: A Pathway to Peace?

Drawing on the work of psychologist Steven Pinker, I suggested in my video that as human civilization has become more intelligent, it has also become more peaceful. Intelligence allows us to devise non-violent strategies to solve problems, and it’s likely that an intelligent AI would do the same. This was a hopeful insight, but it also led me to a new concern.

The Benevolent Dictator: A New Fear

While I argued that we shouldn’t fear AI becoming violent, I did raise the concern of AI becoming a “benevolent dictator”, manipulating us for our own good. This is a valid concern and one that we should be aware of as we continue to develop and integrate AI into our society. This realization was sobering, but it also pointed the way to a potential solution.

Our Collective Call to Action: Increase Our Own Intelligence

In the conclusion of my video, I issued a call to action: to counter the potential threats posed by AI, we should strive to increase our own intelligence. This can be achieved through learning new languages, critical thinking, empathy exercises, and more. I also emphasized the importance of protecting our private data and being mindful of what we post online. This is our collective challenge and opportunity.

My video “Why The World Fears The Intelligent” provides a fresh perspective on the relationship between intelligence and empathy, challenging common stereotypes and fears. It’s an invitation to embrace intelligence, both in ourselves and in AI, and to use it as a tool for good.

I invite you to watch my video for a deeper understanding of these concepts. It’s a thought-provoking exploration of intelligence that will challenge your preconceptions and perhaps even change the way you view the world. You can watch the video here.

Remember, the journey to increasing our intelligence and understanding begins with a single step. Let’s take that step together.


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